This Will Not End Well

Grant Gulovsen 高伟明
Apr 17 · 2 min read

I think Skype sucks. I’ve used it off and on since it was part of eBay (maybe even longer). I honestly cannot remember a time when it didn’t suck.

Maybe “suck” is too harsh of a word. “Consistently fails to live up to expectations” is probably more accurate.

It’s almost impossible to believe that after being acquired by companies as large and profitable as eBay and Microsoft, no one — not one single person — at any of those technology behemoths was able to figure out why it just never seemed to work right.

In the meantime, dozens (if not hundreds, maybe even thousands) of more functional and feature-rich applications have been released. Some of my favorites are Zoom, WeChat, Telegram and WhatsApp. All provide much better quality audio and video, are far less prone to crash in the middle of a call, have better user interfaces, more features and, well, to put it quite simply, don’t suck.

I have always found it fascinating that any company would not only volunteer to take, but actually be willing to pay money for, what by all accounts appears to be a fundamentally broken piece of software.

So given all of that, why would any cryptocurrency, especially one in the top 500 on CoinMarketCap, even consider associating with such a mediocre piece of software? It makes no sense to me.

In fact, the only thing that makes less sense to me is how the crypto factions you mentioned in your article have been behaving as of late. I don’t even like BSV or Craig Wright, but I find myself making memes like this one:

Because of, or perhaps in spite of, that, I truly hope the nice people in the XRP Army change course. Because if you thought they were bad now, just wait until they realize what a horrible mistake they made by associating with Skype. Exactly who they will blame for this mistake is anyone’s guess. But one thing you can be certain of — it won’t be themselves.

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