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It ain’t over til it’s over, but man… it’s over. Maybe Cleveland gets one at home, but that’s irrelevant. I wouldn’t be surprised if Golden State sweeps them.

KD, stay put. Westbrook, learn your lesson. This series should be your reminder AND motivation for next years Playoff run.

Cleveland, well — you have a lot of reflecting to do. LeBron, stick to being the alien, superfreak athlete that you are and maybe relinquish your front desk duties to guys with the time, experience and inclination to do it. Oh, and don’t forget to brace yourself for the the tidal wave of “analysis” that will come your way. Prepare for the next round of swimming in the whitewash of “advice” and “insights” on your roster decisions and firings. If “going back to Cleveland” isn’t working, I honestly don’t understand why everyone thinks “going back to Miami” would somehow be a winning situation. Really people?? LeBron — no. My measly two cents.

Warriors? Rinse and repeat.

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