2016 NBA Finals Insights from CJ McCollum

This was insightful, CJ. Thank you! Congratulations on your Most Improved Player of the Year award and your teams advancement into 2 rounds of the Playoffs this year. I look forward to a fruitful Portland season next year.

I wrote in a previous response to another NBA Playoff related article about how important the outcome of Game 2 would be to this NBA Finals series. The last sentence in your article adds to my hunch.

“It will be interesting to see how Bron approaches this game — his teams have won each of the last 9 Game 2s of series after losing Game 1.”

We all expected LeBron to enter Game 2 with a champion’s sense of urgency, guided by a couple days of tape break-downs and readjustment plans leading the way. I read about a few interesting plans and some that seemed irrelevant when I looked at the big picture. As far as I’m concerned, Game 2 was the indicator of things to come. If the Cavaliers had won, then we as NBA fans had a possible true battle ahead. But even under those circumstances, I predict a Warriors repeat. After last nights outcome, I saw the big picture come into play.

The Warriors are poised to complete a historical record-breaking NBA season that may not be repeated for a very long time. So far, the first two games of these Finals are showing us every aspect of that team.

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