We are always so proud of our woman frontiers that have been making bamboo alternatives fighting single-use plastic. Their hand-crafted bamboo products have been distributed around the world helping individuals & businesses to achieve their Sustainable Lifestyle.

It is indeed hard to have women fully on board professionally in our team as they have their domestic responsibilities to take care of even since they are teenagers. Thus, they almost have no time for working, learning, and themselves. Not to mention, most of them already have kids that need their emotional and basic needs fulfilled, making it even harder.

Adding more…

#WomenWeEarthLove — Nadia Anjani, Founder of Koa by Anjani

Being conscious and responsible for our own consumption is one of the keys to sustainable living. Making it into a habit as millennials generation that born during industry era is indeed quite hard, as we are more often being exposed to and provided with fast, instant and ready to use daily products without really understanding what is it made from and what harm can it bring to both our health and environment.

Soap by Koa by Anjani

Skincare/body care like soap, shampoo, toothpaste is one of the essential things we use every day, and choosing the…

Growing your own food is one of the living ways to cut your carbon footprint and provide more sustainable resource of foods. It is also believed as one of the ways to address hunger issues if being done by every single family in the community.

One of the rising methods of farming that currently we often see is Permaculture which is “ a philosophy of working with rather than against nature, and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single product system” (Mollison, 1991). …

Sampo merupakan perlengkapan mandi yang kerap kita jumpai di kamar mandi entah dalam kemasan saset atau di dalam botol. Sedari kecil bahkan sampai saat ini, kita membersihkan rambut menggunakan sampo cair tapi tahukah kalian sampo bisa dikemas dan dibentuk menjadi benda padat layaknya sabun batangan? Yup sampo batangan sudah hadir di pasaran walaupun eksistensinya belum seterkenal sampo cair.

anyak manfaat yang kalian dapatkan ketika beralih menggunakan shampoo bar yaitu;

  1. Untuk kamu para traveler atau pecinta outdoor activity seperti camping, membawa sesuatu yang bersifat cair khususnya perlengkapan toilet adalah hal yang sangat riskan karena walaupun sudah di pak seaman mungkin dan…


Knowing that we are surrounded by great people like you, has made us even stronger. Every support has propelled us even further towards resiliency. Our venture has been tested by many challenges, from the generation gap, earthquakes, and with this pandemic, the emotional bond we feel among artisans are even stronger.

We always hope that you and the important people (everyone) in your life are safe and healthy during this difficult time. …

#womenwe&earthlove March Edition

Only a few women who we know have the chance to be a leader, commit to social and environmental causes plus have a background in tech. This month edition we would like to introduce you with one of them, our best friend Lely a former coordinator of Mataram Earth Hour.


We met her in person when we invited Mataram Earth Hour to our first eco-festival in 2017 after that continuously meet each other as well as collaborate in supporting each platform. …

On the 16th of February 2020, Betukah 2.0 was held at Acibara Coffee presented by Gumi Bamboo and collaborated with Rich New Thrift Stuff, Acibara Coffee and Jagger Charity Shop. Betukah is an event where the participants are able to swap, thrift and donate their good quality of unused things at their home that they don’t wear or use anymore in order to live as minimalist as possible and to promote the slow-fashion campaign.

Betukah 2.0

There are always new sessions in every Betukah event. For instance, in Betukah 2.0, there was a Live acoustic session at the beginning of the event…

Most values owned by our ancestors sometimes already become the answer to how humans should live their life, in a sustainable way, simply side by side with the earth. Understand about this, the indigenous woman from Bayan Tribe in Lombok keeps learning and promoting the good values inherited by her ancestors to the world and her name is Mahniwati.

We knew Mahniwati from our activist circle in 2018, at that time we only knew that Mahni (her nickname) is involved in Trash Hero Tanjung, an energetic, volunteer-led movement supporting & motivating the community to clean and prevent plastic waste. But…

Selepas menyelesaikan studi di perguruan tinggi, sering kali para fresh graduate kebingungan mau melamar kerja dimana dengan bermodal gelar di ujung nama, tentu belum memiliki pengalaman kerja sama sekali, hal tersebut juga terjadi kepada saya. Berbanding terbalik dengan lowongan kerja yang bertebaran di media online, kebanyakan mencari calon pegawai yang sudah memiliki pengalaman kerja minimal 1 tahun.

Mendapatkan kesempatan menjadi pegawai magang disuatu perusahaan sangat berpengaruh besar untuk seorang yang baru menapakkan kakinya di dunia pekerjaan. Secara tidak langsung, walupun hanya seorang pegawai magang akan tetapi keterampilan yang ia miliki bisa di pergunakan di perusahaan tersebut. Pegawai magang juga mengerjakan…

Nothing more makes us happy other than meeting and having conversations with Empowered Woman who empower other women too. In this edition of #womenWe&Earthlove, we would love to share stories of 12 women that we love and so do earth too since they are passionately doing and promoting sustainable living to their community with their different backgrounds.

In the 1st edition, we have Irwin Insani, the founder of Origin Natural Skincare.
We knew Iwin personally in 2018, introduced by our friend. As we were curious and interested to know more about her and her handmade soap (Origin), we came to…

Gumi Bamboo

We make bamboo straw aiming to contribute to reducing single-use plastics & empowering local rural youth & women in Lombok, Indonesia. www.gumibamboo.com

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