[Android]How can I find useful library


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Android Arsenal

I like Arsenal.

Very famous soccer team in EPL and very famous android library site.

when I type [arsenal] in Chrome browser, Chrome recommend this site for me. (not Arsenal soccer team)

In this site, they have so many android library and so fast update.

I think this site is top of all library site.

You can order by recent, rating.

So If you want find useful library first, order by rating and get your useful library.

And you can collect by type.

If you are interested in RecyclerView library, you can find out only RecyclerView category.



This site have not only android but also iOS, etc..
You will always check Android-Arsenal, but sometimes check this site appance


I really really like this developer.
Maybe you know ActionBar Sherlock, NineOldAndroids, ViewPagerIndicator, ButterKnife …
These library made by JakeWharton.
He actively reply in his Github project.


This company is well known for open-source library company.
And my favorite developer JakeWharton works for this company.
I already use this company’s library
I introduce some library. and I will write post about this library.
- Picasso: Image-Loading library. 
- Retrofit: Client-Server’s API network Helper
- Otto: event bus library