First the second line appears, and you are elated. Overjoyed.

And with your next thought you worry…

Is it true? Will it stick? Will I be a good mom?
 — — 
Then slowly you change and you marvel at this new life. You hear her heartbeat. You tear-up upon seeing her for the first time — even in grainy black & white.

And yet you worry…

Is she healthy?

— — 
Now you are big and bulky and you simply cannot wait to give birth: To meet your daughter.

And still you worry…

What if something goes wrong?

— —

To your everlasting relief, she cries, loud and clear, and snuggles in. You hold her, dazed. Your body is spent. Your heart is full.

But soon you worry…

Is she breathing? Is she healthy? Is she eating? Why does she cry?
 — —

Then she grows and it’s exhausting. The feedings, the diapers, the endless sleepless nights. Your tears mingle together, as you hold her overwhelmed. And it is so hard. You never knew it would be like this. This difficult. This life-changing.

For now you worry…

Is she hungry? Is she sleeping? Is she breathing? Am I doing this right?

— —

— — 
And she grows, and she crawls. Then she walks and she talks. And she gets sick and gets better. She grows teeth. And she whines. My goodness, how she whines. But then she laughs and she steals your heart. She outgrows her bottles, her diapers, her binkies, her blankets, her crib. And she is smart. So delightfully smart.

And now you worry…

Are those grapes cut small enough? Is she dressed warm enough? What’s that rash on her cheek? Is she watching too much Dora? Should she have a sibling? 
 — —

She looks so cute in her first-day-of-school clothes. And your heart — why, it’s practically bursting with pride.

But still you worry…

Will she make friends? Will she learn? Will she listen? Have I made her strong enough? Resilient enough? Does she know that she can always tell me anything? 
 — — 
The school years blend together. And in a blink she is taller, graceful, stubborn and strong.

And still you worry…

Who is that boy? When will she sit down and study? What will she do with her life? 
 — — 
She walks in like a vision in her white dress — and her beauty takes your breath away. So radiant. So lovely. So grown.

But you cannot help but worry…

Will they be happy? Is he the right one? Does she know that marriage is not all roses and sunshine? 
 — — 
The phone call comes early morning. Her voice is a bit shaky. Immediately, your heart drops. “What is it, baby? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, mommy, nothing. I am going to be a mom.”

You are elated. Overjoyed.

But with your next thought you worry…

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