Time Restricted Feeding: Your Solution to Longevity and Shredding Fat
Adam Arbour

I feel that this article is a little “light on the science”. I’ve just recently heard a lot of this information on Tim Ferriss’ podcast interview with Art De Vany. De Vany goes overboard on the science in a way that is inaccessible to the layperson. I was hoping your article would help me understand, but I’m afraid it did not.

For example, you say both “halt your eating window before 7pm” AND “find what’s best for you”. Surely you should be halting your eating window relative to going to bed. If i don’t go to be before 1am, what time should I halt? What does the science tell us is the best cut off?

Also, where does “give our body a chance to reset and cleanse itself” come in? That is, what’s actually happening in this respect when we aren’t eating? De Vany discusses this as well, especially in the context of feeding and working out (which you do not mention at all).

I’m definitely on board, but you haven’t given me enough to know how to adopt this lifestyle in the most effective way.