We love clothes, but we hate clutter.

The sad truth behind a shopaholic’s closet and how it sparked me to make a change in my life.

“This is so cute” “This is such a nice colour” “This would be cute with that jacket, right?” “I have a pair, but this one is different” “But, the shoes??”

Often times if you’ve ever been shopping with someone that wishes they could do it for a career, you’ve heard all these phrases repeated in multiple instances in an increasingly short time period. And i can say this, because undoubtly, this is the script behind my everyday life. It never fails to amaze me that each time I leave the house with an agenda to go buy something like eggs, I return home with a pair of new shoes, two t-shirts and a cute jacket, oh and eggs (obviously). I just deeply love clothes and the way I can change myself depending upon my outfit. So yeah, I have a lot of clothes.

So day after day, shopping bag after shopping bag, I returned home one day gleaming at my new pair of Adidas NMDs in the classic white with the limited edition golden stripes for the autumn/winter ’18 collection, whilst swiftly pushing past to find a space for my new family members, and I encountered my worst nightmare: SPACE, or lack thereof in my case. Continous mountains of clothes and shoes and jackets and bags and belts and more clothes and more shoes filled every inch of my closet, and i was left overwhelmed. Making it my life’s mission to then find a space for my new pearly whites, I wrestled my way in and found just the spot.

However through the very exhausted journey, i was astounded to see that two thirds of my closet was made up of items that still had the shopping tags attached! So i did what every shopaholic has to do atleast once in their life, clean out the clutter. Through this enitre process i learnt the most important lesson i did in a long time; that no matter what it was i bought, what had true value in my life were the people and the good thoughts i put into the world, not the fast-fashion clothes i bought.

Are you a shopaholic? Clean out the mess and make sure you stick to it.