Child abuse

A process of harming a child emotionally, physically, psychologically and mentally is called child abuse. This harms the child’s mind. This is a serious matter of irritating the child’s life, their parents, societies, etc. it is making the society hollow from inside. Is must be stopped as soon as possible. A child’s future depends on his past and his present.

Effects of child abuse on the societies and the children itself:-

1. It harms our future. As the future of a country is it’s children and if children are harmed then definitely our future will be harmed.

2. The child’s life can be spoiled for whole life if no generations.

3. It disturb’s the children’s life. As it makes a fear of something in his life and this fear might be till the death.

4. In this situation the child might experience a range of physical, emotional, mental, psychological problems in the result of being abused of neglected.

How to protect a child from child abuse it:-

Almost Every second child in india is the pray of child abuse. This is not only for speech as the researchs and surveys done tell that around 53% of children in india is effected with child abuse. There are number of children who are effected with sexual abuse and don’t tell this to their parents or their guardians. They just stay tight-lipped over the subject. the solution to this is even more simpler than you imagine: educate, communicate, and empower; the three basics of healthy parenting.

· Educate you child as good as you can.

· Communicate with them therefore spend time with them, enjoy their small-small mistakes, interact with them, and go on outing.

· Empower your child that he/she can handle if any situation like child abuse occurs and tries to take him to the darkness.

Ways to prevent child abuse:-

1. be nice to your children.

2. Behave like a friend to them.

3. Make them feel that they are special, beloved.

4. Encourage them in the activities they do, they like to do, and they wants to do.

5. You should treat them as the way you want to be treated.

6. Keep a detailed check on your child and check their day to day activities.

7. Never scold them in a way that they might take it serious and might take some serious step.

8. Make a communities of the parents near you and can discuss on your child’s behavior and can take and give suggestion how to heal the problem.

In the conclusion I just want to say that be nice to your child and take care of them to prevent the child abuse making your child its pray.

Last but not the least:-

Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.

-dave pelzer


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