clear your cache!

simple(?) fix from all other bullshit…

there are always days when you are feeling low… things don’t work out the way you want or atleast you feel like it… or the world is sinking around you… AND it is when we always tend to seek out ‘help’!

well, tell you what, the thing you are seeking is already ‘inside’ you.

people who (really) know me would definitely say this after reading this and i quote: “are you the f*cking expert on this, to be giving advice?”


its such a simple thing. not trying to be rude here by calling you stupid, for NOT knowing such a ‘simple’ thing. but, we tend not to think, let alone thinking straight in such situations.

let me tell you a simple thing that happened this morning. i was trying to get on YouTube and the video was not loading even after being a 50 mbps wifi (yeah, i know, people are on google fiber. who cares abt 50 mbps!)

point i am making is browser was not responding just because of MASSIVE cache not cleared in a some time now! (not a trying for tech support post!)

aren’t our lives exactly like this, we ALL have the ‘capability’ to achieve what we set out to. we clutter our brain with so many cached images, thoughts, assumptions and prejudice.

we tend to be stopped by those while reaching our goals and often BLAME ourselves for not having what it takes!

STOP, doing this!

people will always tell you all about detox routines, write lengths about doing this in 7,11,20,50 steps! don’t fall pray!

just take a step back, go over your past experiences, look for those ‘cached’ images of your failures (now i am sounding ‘exactly’ like them, am i?).

go to your settings, check all of them ‘from beginning of time’. clear those out! and I guarantee, you will be refreshed at your FULL potential!

for a new beginning, for whatever you want to achieve, for what you are actually MEANT to do, for being true to people around you…


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