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I could not agree more. After dozens and dozens of medical professional opinions that all differ, in diagnosis and treatment, each with loads of tests and surgeries that have cost us our savings….our retirement …our kids college funds…ten almost eleven latter still no answers, they still don’t know what’s wrong with me yet they are unwilling to treat my chronic pain. Not even mentioning all the alternative medicine and all the side effects that I am still dealing with from the gunny pig try and see. They label ME a problem patient. 11 years ago I held a jobs I loved, large animal vet tech and baby sitter, happily married with a baby boy. We went hiking, winter and summer camping, fishing, horseback riding, traveling, active in our church and community clean up’s, very out going with lots of friends. Today my world is trying to keep my kids fed, clean, to school on time….home and school that’s it. Sometimes it’s to much…and I feel physically sick at the thought of going to the doctor. I throw up, shake, and generally freak out. I am tired of being treated like trash so I don’t go. My family suffer….they know when I am really bad to leave me alone and try not to be scared when I throw up and cry. If you are honest with the doctors? They send you to a therapist and it’s all in your head. I hate them all. This is my life thanks to the doctors.

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