This is the Story of the First Time I Met My Daughter
Anne Peterson

She IS LOVELY! And strong:) I had an emergency induction with my daughter. Completely different from the birth of my first at home with a midwife. Her birth was traumatizing. Even though she was in the NICU down the hall they refused me seeing her because I had a bad cold and they said it would put all the babies at risk…so I left the hospital the next morning after her birth angry and sick…against the doctors wishes. My hubby was with her almost all the time but I could not. When I finally went days later even though I had only held her a moment and the room was filled with babies no needed to tell me where she was. She was mad and screaming with a wet diaper and…so tiny, so amazing, all those wires, and tubes. She is now 8 and still fiery, wild and beautiful. A fighter just like your lovely girl! They are meant to do great things!

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