Meeriscope = Future of Streaming

Whatever comes of Meerkat / Twitter / Periscope, live streaming video that’s instant and mobile is here. In some form or fashion we open an app, tap the screen a few times and we’re either watching or broadcasting live video. Yeah, cool… cool enough I’ve been thinking about it constantly.

In doing all that brain twisting a thought about Snapchat jumped to mind. The reason we (10–21 year old girls) use Snapchat is because it’s a quick gimmick type video trick. 10 seconds and it’s gone. Watch and burn. Inspector Gadget stuff. This message will self destruct. Ok we get it, cool. Fun. Whatever. Useful? Not sure, but we do know they watch that video because if they don’t, it’s gone! It’s a get’em platform. People on Snapchat watch or they miss it. That’s powerful. Live Video Streaming is the same way… Sort of. Go search Twitter for #Meerkat and I’ll bet more than half of the current streams are finished. So it gives a sense of urgency to find an active stream. Then again are we really programmed to watch things at a set time anymore?

Live streaming is an “if you miss it it’s gone” medium… for now at least. YouTube is omnipresent. Live streaming (Meerkat, Periscope) is TV but from the amateur. We are programmed for DVR, at Demand, anytime watching online or on the couch. So what will draw people to a live stream long term? Heck of a questions that I don’t have the answer for. Breaking news, sure cool. Live concert, speech, sporting events… Sure. Real programming, TBD.

The value Snapchat brings is the attention of its users, they click that video message and they will watch. Slap a 3 second ad to the front and it’s monetized. Live streaming? Embed a small graphic on the screen via cookies from sites visited? Maybe. Boarder the screen or a scroll with ads the broadcaster picks? Maybe. I don’t know where the money trail leads to but I know for ultimate success we will need to find it.

Live TV went to on demand programming went to online video went to live TV online. It’s the yo-yo of tech and viewer options. It’s going forward then back and forward again. The broadcast medium may change but it’s always going to be about consuming content. Which will you choose?

We are watching live TV from our couch less and less and watching DVR, ON Demand, Netflix, YouTube more and more and more and more. 10 second video messages is how young girls communicate. How does live streaming video fit into this new realm.. that’s the billions dollar question.

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