The Power of Strategy

Thinking is working

As I continue to evolve as a business owner, moreover a human, the more I think about efficient use of time. What I’m putting my best attributes towards and what will yield me the best results for my efforts. This is important for anyone to do in life or business but for me it’s vastly important because of my hyperactive nature along with juggling several different ventures.

All this thought and tweaking led me down a path about time blocking and strategy. Do we ever schedule time to think? Time for strategy? Is it considered lazy by the 9–5'ers to actually calendar “time to think”? Is thinking considered working? Is strategy work?

When do we block time to think? Sure, it happens on a drive or in the shower… but maybe time best spent is actually on strategy. Getting away and thinking might actually be the best spent time. Mentally getting away, sitting in a room for 2 hours, purposeful in thought. It’s powerful! And yes, if you’re a “regular” person maybe you can’t grasp the concept of stepping outside yourself, putting your brain in a different space and strategizing next steps for success. But… but you need to take time for strategy, because efficient / effective moves come from that time.

As I gain experience and moreover confidence in my business and my abilities I worry less and less what “others might think” and that’s helped me to accomplish some lofty goals I’ve set. Don’t worry what others think when they see you thinking. What if they see “strategy” on your calendar? Don’t worry what your secretary or assistant thinks when they pulls up your week and see a 2 hour block of time set aside for purposeful thought.

Set time for yourself, set time to think, set time to activate the most powerful thing we have.. our Brain!

Thinking is working!