You don’t have to take a shit from others if you don’t want to.

As soon as I started working in my first company, I started playing table tennis in the office. I had my own style to play, I used to hit smashes for almost every other ball, I was very good naturally on my backhand, I used to serve at super fast speed without tossing it. I was just playing for fun anyways.

After a few days friends started telling me shit. One guy pointed out that my serve is wrong and that I should toss it, I know that’s correct, that I do a wrong serve as such, but it’s just for fun right. I tried to toss the ball and it didn’t even cross my side. People kept saying that I didn’t know how to play forehand, kept complaining about it just because they couldn’t handle my back hand reply.

Now after many days I don’t even do the tossing well and I am afraid that somebody again will complain about me not tossing. So ultimately I suck at serving now. I improved at forehand eventually, and now I am good at neither. My smash count has just gone to 0. I even fear to try it in a game, that it wont hit the table but will go fly in the air.

This is what happens when you take shit from others seriously in a wrong way. I met a guy recently who does everything the way I used to do, plays backhand mostly, hit smashes on almost every ball, serves fast like me. Seeing him I felt I could have changed in a better way. I didn’t needed to change my course completely, just needed to make some corrections in my natural way. Ball is not tossed, so just toss and try to hit in the same way. Keep doing smashes, keep improving on back hand.

Be good at one thing rather than becoming good for nothing and losing your uniqueness.