When the Sun rises up, 
Or the Moon shines bright,
It's you and your thoughts that cross my mind.

What should I call you,
As I want the world to know,
That I fall for you everyday,
Like on Mountains falls snow.

Shall I call you my smile,
That comes on hearing your name stealthily,
Or the sparkles in my eyes when see you, shines so brightly.

Shall I call you the one song,
As its lyrics reminisce me of you,
The one I hum in my reverie,
And, sometimes, in my nightmares, too.

Shall I call you the place,
I want you to visit with me,
Where I dream of us being together,
Where I can set my heart and Love free.

Shall I call you the Ocean,
That hides everything at its depth,
More abstruse than the Universe,
Harder than the Sky to reflect.

Shall I call you the Air,
That always remains around myself,
Which I cannot see for sure,
But, certainly, is the reason I breathe.

Shall I call you the Moon,
So lustrous and nonchalant,
No matter how much I say,
It always remains silent.

And, the following lines gonna be naive,
As I couldn't find the perfect words to rhyme,
To finish the poem with succinct sentence,
That I only wish if I could call you Mine.