Mike, Medium and Me

I usually read some stuff or browse through someone’s profile to see if I like what they write and if I would like to read them again. And most of the times I think I do. But the format as of now seems to promote ghost followers, which actually defeats the purpose for both the writer and reader.

This also goes on to explain why posts get lost in the vast sea, never reaching their actual audience. I recommend other’s post if even a part of it resonates with me, and also because I gave my 5 mins to read it, so it’s my effort plus your effort which is laudable right? If I disagree with the writer and he/she has prompted me enough to comment, then I definitely recommend because it was stimulating to read. But the tendency for most people seems not to like something if they don’t fall head over heels with it, which is ok, since I can’t do anything about it ☺

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