Is Pro-life only about babies in Uterus?

People who advocate the survival of cells don’t give a damn to the living ones

Give birth but let them die due to lack of insurance

I have been wanting to write this for a long time, but this facebook video couldn’t stop me from picking up my lappy and venting out at 12 am midnight because enough is enough. Once or twice I have written my views on Pro-Life vs Pro-choice here on Medium but we need more, more conversations, more clarity and more humanity to put the injustice to rest.

What does it take for someone to understand what this mother is going through? Is it that hard to get? We want all the babies to be delivered, without insuring the pregnancies and we also don’t care what happens to them later? Pro-life people want the fetus to live but children to die. They can’t see women being able to make a choice, and they can’t see them living that choice either. Pulling out the funding to Planned Parenthood and repealing Affordable care Act is not about being pro-life, it is only and only about being selfish and indifferent to others in pursuit of profits.

What is the point of anything if we can’t save our kids because the govt. gets to decide who lives and who not? Call it my hormones or my maternal gut but this crying mother has raged me like anything, as I write this my eyes are welled up, my heart is heavy and I feel worthless. I never thought about kids much before I had mine, and now anything and everything about kids feels like my own business, my own problem. Motherhood has made me strong and vulnerable like never before. A mother’s rage is like a severe thunderstorm, if required it can uproot the mountains, water down the houses and destroy the fake reality you are trying to make true.

Never challenge a mother on her ability to decide what is right for her and her kid, she is the creator of life and she knows best. A group of all males deciding on reproductive rights and dictating women on our duties is at best ironical if not foolish. I bet some of them must be fathers and I wonder what message are they driving home to their own daughters. We just celebrated Mother’s day, what for? How would the day have been for this mother in the video and several others like her who are counting their kids’ breath every day?

The promise of life is as much about birthing it as it is about nurturing it. It asks for unbridled love and selfless devotion.

Being pro-choice is not about advocating abortion, it is about a mother’s ability to decide what’s best for her unborn child. For when you have the knowledge of a potential human inside you, nothing is easy, neither abortion or going on to birth nor the promise of a suitable upbringing. Parenting is a responsible job for someone who is prepared for it, else it will only ruin the happiness of everyone involved, be it the mother or baby.

Before advocating who lives and who not, how about first ensuring a healthy and a resourceful environment to those who are already alive and need help? How about first ensuring that a mother is able to get her sick child treated and a kid doesn’t die due to lack of insurance coverage? Because if this happens, it would be a far bigger sin than an abortion.

Life just starts at birth but goes on forever till the end, and so should be the promise of pro-life. We cannot make America great again by failing its healthcare system, ignoring women’s health, and by becoming regressive.

Bonnie Kittle, Unsplash

For some more good reading on the topic, go on to read J. Boyce Gleason’s post on how the lack of insurance threatened their pregnancy and how they survived by luck. It also points out that white house people never actually go uninsured and hence, they have no clue how it can affect people and yet they get to make the policies.

I read a powerful piece from Courtney Hood titled ‘You don’t march for life’ but for some reason, it seems the article has been pulled down from the internet. I couldn’t find it on Medium or elsewhere. What could have been the reason I wonder?

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