Why Mothers fall sick more often than Fathers?
Shruti Sharma

This topic is close to my heart simply because it overlaps with several other issues like patriarchy, gender bias, work life balance, health, happiness so on and so forth. We women have internalized our problems in such a manner that we fail to acknowledge them as problems any more. Not only we take pride in suffering silently and becoming the epitome of sacrifice for the sake of family, we expect the same from others. I recently read an article which said that while we teach our girls survival, we keep our boys dependent on us. If they can’t cook and clean, they can’t survive without women. In older times when men used to go out for work and were likely to indulge with other women, was it a way to ensure that they come back to their wife? May be, may be not because if not anything else, they need a woman to cook and clean the house!

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