Two Small Blue Boxes

4 years back when my husband returned home after his 8 month long project in states, he gifted me a small blue box-a Swarovski gift box with a heart shaped pendant in it. It was beautiful and this was the first time he gifted me nice pretty jewelry( my first birthday gift after wedding was a hairdryer after all, which I asked for so not his fault!)

The other small blue box was also a box of earrings, over a period of time I stuffed all my earrings into that one box for the convenience of carrying the same box everywhere.

When we moved to states again a year back, I tucked these two small blue boxes nicely in our suitcase, with all my earrings in one and all my necklaces in other. These two boxes were all I had in terms of my possessions, cheap or expensive, big or small, artificial or gold, each and every piece carefully sought after, bought after much deliberate though( need vs want), some picked from roadside stalls and some from malls! I was in love with each one of them, they made me look beautiful and I was thankful to them.

Until, I lost these two boxes recently while on a road trip to east coast. The day we reached Washington DC, as I was getting ready to head out I looked for these boxes, not to find them anywhere. That’s when it stuck, I forgot them in the previous hotel in New Jersey. I knew then, I lost them and will never see them again. Who returns jewelry afterall?

Multiple calls were made to the hotel, to be told that nothing was found in the room. I know they were there, out in the open, I never keep stuff in the drawers for the fear of leaving them, and yet I left my precious blue boxes, in the open.

Tears dwelled my eyes, not because the monetary worth was considerable, but because they were mine,I had owned them, carried them everywhere with me for past 6 years, neatly tucked in my suitcase. The pain was the discomfort in not owning them anymore, that I could not cherish them anymore.

I lost my mangalsutra, considered a holy thread which the groom ties around the bride’s neck in Hindu weddings, it was beautiful, I used to wear it almost everyday, till that day. I lost my gold chain, gifted to me on our wedding from my husband’s uncle and the rudraksha in it, the rudraksha was blessed as my mother says and she gave it to me for my well being 10 years ago when I left for college. Since then, it was their in my neck, only to be removed sometimes when I was wearing something else. The box also had a authentic pearl set, which I bought from Hyderabad for myself while buying one each for my mother and would be mother-in-law then. It was my first job and I saved as much as I could, so that my parents would have to spend less in my wedding.

Mangalsutra- the black beads are symbolic of Deity Shiva and Deity Shakti
Rudraksha- believed to save one from negative energies

Days passed, but the grief stayed. It was so foolish of me to leave them there, why didn’t I keep them back immediately after I used them? Who leaves the jewelry in open? I felt so stupid and careless.

A week later when we returned home from the trip, I called my mom and told her, talking to her was the closure that I needed. Her words consoled my loss, I wish we had this conversation when I was younger and needed closure with things that teens grapple with.

The loss has been mourned, accepted and moved on now. Lesson learnt- make a checklist of valuables and check them before checking out the hotel room. I usually double check the rooms though, I wonder what happened that day! As Gail Boenning wrote here , it was just a stupid material thing! But it still hurts, ain’t it?

The boxes are gone and the heart shaped pendant is the only thing I am left with, glad I was wearing it that day. On second thoughts, had I changed my jewelry that day, I would not have left the boxes at the first place. Pheww, so much is happening in the world, and here I am , lamenting about my lost jewelry. I feel small now. I rest my story here.

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