All over world people drink tea and there are hundred different types of tea available all over the world.There are different types of tea such as white tea,yellow tea,green tea,oolong tea,black tea also called as red tea in china and post fermented tea.Most of the people are addicted to tea.

In India most of the people like to add some milk in there tea.Tea in India is made by using milk,tea leaves,sugar and they also add ginger,basil leaves also called as tulsi in hindi,cardamom also called as elaichi in hindi if they want.

Most of the people drink green tea to keep there health fine. It is very good for our health and it also reduces fat.It contains bioactive compound which improves our health,it also improve your brain function.Antioxidants in green tea may reduce the risk of various types of cancer.

Black tea is also good for health it keeps our bones healthy, and it also reduces the risk of getting Diabetes.It also reduces stress,better immune system,healthy digestive track,it increases energy in our body.

Most of the people love to have there tea with breads,biscuits,cookies,etc.But in India people love to have there tea with savory food.

In India tea is grown in Assam,Dibrughar, Darjeeling,Tamil Nadu,Kanyakumari,Madurai,etc.