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Separation (Part-2)

“Can I take your order, mam?”, waiter asked. “Oh come on Peter, you perfectly know what I want”, said Sam, in an amusing way. But deep down she was aware no one can understand her perfectly, not even she, herself. Peter chuckled and went ahead to get the drink which Adam had suggested Sam, the first time they met.

It was her birthday, she turned 24 that day and had organised a small treat for her beloved friends at this very place ‘The Re-Tox’.

Belonging to a middle class family and losing her father at an early age, she only knew how difficult it was to cut her expenses and save money for the lavish celebration. Although, it was one hell of a night — the one she will never forget. She was adored by the love of her friends and was introduced to Adam through a mutual pal.

Peter arrived, “Here is your Woodford reserve on the rocks as usual and Happy birthday mam”, said Peter with three other staffs standing beside him presenting her a tulip bouquet. She was astounded at first yet thanked them gleefully with her ebullient smile. “We keep record of our regular customers”, said Peter. Sam enquired in a puerile way, “Does it mean, I am not paying tonight?”. Everyone shared laughter. Sam settled on her seat, like a queen on her throne. Put the white leather bag she was holding on the sofa and rested her hands, one atop the other, on her tight blue skirt, at the knees. Hot tears flickered from her enlarged eyes.

Four years have passed since she met Adam. It feels like it occurred yesterday, all those ‘lovely’ friends who promised to stay in touch, all those moments which she enjoyed were coming back to her thoughts and Adam, how can she forget him. He had become a seemingly ubiquitous part of her life. 5'11", great physique and handsome face. She was attracted the very moment she saw him, his chivalry and humour was add-on, captivating her to a dream she never had seen but wanted to, with Adam.

But there she was sitting alone, gulping her favourite whisky. She didn’t receive any calls from her ‘lovely’ friends, maybe they also “got busy”. She was unable to decipher, whether it was she who had transmuted or the complete world metamorphosed.

“You need anything else mam”, Peter asked. “No, nothing. Thanks for the bouquet Peter”, Sam smiled. “Have a great day mam”, Peter said. Sam started grabbing her belongings before leaving. Another habit she learned from Adam to double check your stuffs while drunk. “Peter, have you seen my phone?”, Sam asked. “No mam, from what I remember you didn’t carry it here, maybe you left it in your car”. “Yes, maybe I had”, Sam said and left the place. As she entered her car, she found her phone on the backseat. She picked it up and saw two missed calls. She didn’t bother much and commenced towards her home.

Suddenly, her phone vibrated again, this time it flashed “Adam Calling”. She stopped her car, parked it in a corner. A dilemma arised, all those four years came alive vividly. She was fighting with herself, her soul was bifurcated. One, telling her to answer it, other not to. She was unsure to decide, ultimately she listened to her heart, picked it up and said, “Hello”…

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