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26. of February to 4. of March - #sotd #ztt

Thursday 2. 
Rage Hard - Frankie goes to Hollywood
The mix that killed Frankie, what was left of it - Horribly pretentious attempt at redoing Brittens Young Persons Guide to the orchestra, the song doesn’t really start until in the middle of the mix. As this was the first 12" mix DJs didn’t have have the patience to find the real start and dancefloors emptied if they started from the beginning.

Wednesday 1. March
Kiss- Tom Jones and Art of Noise
AoN last hit, if I recall correctly. Maybe Toms as well? Much better than Prince’s version, imo ;)

Tuesday 28. February
Two tribes - Frankie goes to Hollywood
This hooked me instantly. Met a friend on the bus and asked what he was listening to on his Walkman. He didn’t reply, just handed me his headphones. BAMM! I had heard lots of cool stuff before but never anything like this. The energy of the best of new wave mixed in with new intense dancey beats that surpassed everything I’d heard and the sound, oh my, the sound! I’d heard Relax before and it was cool but really just a weak prelude to this mastery of originality. Trevor Horn was god, for a while and the Fairlight CMI his angel.

Monday 27. February
Slave to the rhythm - Grace Jones
My plan was to have totally unconnected videos in sequence but my plan was also to put here what I felt like each day. The latter point wins today ;) Also ZTT produced and written, Grace is ‘just’ singing. This one label changed music history and almost every chart breaking record you hear is somehow influenced by its work. This song broke all the rules and created many new while still being a pop song. Incredible stuff.

Sunday 26. February
Moments in love - Art of Noise 
Hauntingly beautiful song from a peerless band, nothing like it. Even though they shared a soundscape with some other ZTT bands there is a special kind of magic in this song. I really can’t think of anything else to link to here except maybe another version of it.

This is sooo meta, ZTT were way beyond anything else at that time: “The recording process featured Horn, Lipson and Jones creating a new version of the song every week or so, ballooning the budget for a single song to nearly $385,000 USD. As such, several versions were collected and released as the album proper.” Source I feel privileged having been around, waiting and mail ordering their latest stuff, still have the 12" mixes.

meta meta: 
At the moment (Tue) I’m tempted to do a ZTT week but let’s see how I’ll feel tomorrow :) It’s on! (Wed)

meta meta meta: 
I’m publishing this now, not at the end of the week, just because I think it’s right. This #sotd thing has also become a study in adaption and permutation…

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