Stopping lies in interviews

It’s relatively easy to stop one kind of fake news: Lies in interviews. We can’t expect our journalists and interviewers to know everything about everything and therefore unscrupulous politicians and other liars too often get away with lies and half-truths in interviews. Often accusing groups of people in order to bolster their own prejudices and hate.

There’s an easy fix to this which is not expensive, have a backup person that immediately checks their statements and gives feedback via earphones to the person interviewing. Which in turn can (and should!) ask something like: “It has turned out that what you said earlier about issue X is not true. The truth is that this group of people is not responsible for this issue…” etc.

This would make it much harder for the shamelessly lying part of the population to spew their lies to the rest of us in a situation where most of us instinctively tend to believe people, on live television while looking shocked and honestly angrily into the camera.

As for the cost I believe that many companies would gladly sponsor this work, most of us don’t want lies to govern our society. A text like “Live fact-checking was paid for by Acme Inc” that would roll over the screen at the moment that person is caught in their lies would be worth quite a lot more than the small amount of money needed. For those TV stations who don’t want or are not allowed to do this then the fact-checking could be done by existing staff or even volunteers. Feel free to contact me if you need one in Iceland,

We must make a stand for a better world before we lose what we have come to consider a normal, decent way of living. And hope that we’re not too late.