A New Understanding of Health and Wellbeing — A New Lease of Life!

From an early age I became familiar with disease, suffering and pain, especially in my teens when our father got cancer and died at the age of 51. Seeing our dad, hero and Tarzan (Johnny Weismuller look-alike ) gradually withering away, was a shock. I clutched his hand, screaming from my heart and soul, whilst holding a book on miracles by a well-known faith healer Katryn Kuhlman and hoping for a divine intervention.

Nothing noticeably happened, except a seed was sown. Little did I know that a while later, I would receive Yeshua as my Saviour and Healer in my life and would witness healing and miracles as I prayed for the sick. Blind eyes opened, terminal cancer patients healed, incurable diseases disappeared, all confirmed by medical doctors.

In this period, evil trolls from the pharmaco cartell appeared. Many years followed of persecution and character assassination by the press, medical doctors, governments and the local church with the bishop. But the joy and gratitude we experienced together with all the miraculously healed patients outweighed the deception and lies perpetuated by pharmaco-medical bureaucrats.

Our dad’s death and the following personal grief and emotional crisis, carried within it a seed, an opportunity to something better, a stepping stone to a new lease of life. Interestingly enough, the Chinese word-sign for crisis and opportunity is exactly the same!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said:

” Everybody can be great…because everybody can serve.”

Having had the joy and privilege to serve and help people with health problems for almost fifty years as a physiotherapist, naturopath, counsellor, coach, mentor, lecturer, artist and inventor, I decided to write a book on the most efficient keys to transform your life completely — body, mind and soul.

To offer you a new lease of life, full of joy, gratitude and renewed hope and energy.

The main area of focus in this 528 page book is on vitality of water, the mother and matter of all life (Nobel Prize Winner Albert Szcent-Gyorgyi), clean, ionized air, vital and high density, nutritious food, faith, fitness, movement and training, and body-mind science. All delivered with humor, love and wisdom.

‘New lease of Life’ is a treasure chest of useful practical how-to information on prevention, care and cure of all kind of ailments, based on science and divine revelation. Called ” A gem of a book, filled with an artist’s eye for beauty and surprise, poetry in motion and powerful miracle healings by God’s Grace. Amazing and spiritual, with uplifting stories from real life and people who regained their health. Often against all odds.’

” A wise man should consider that sound health is one of the greatest of human blessings, and learn by his own experience to derive benefits from disease. Keeping body, soul and spirit well, is an expression of gratitude towards his Creator.” — Gunnar V Espedal, New Lease of Life.

In a world where lifestyle diseases are rampant and in many cases of epidemic proportions, people are confused and bewildered. I have witnessed bad health advice and sometimes dangerous deceptive lies leading to many wrong health choices. All lifestyle diseases are easily preventable, but not always so if you choose to follow the mainstream health and governmental recommendations. In the subject of epidimology, the patterns, cause and effects on health has been researched. Lifestyle choices are the main cause of diseases such as heart and circulation problems, diabetes 2, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s, lung disease, asthma, allergies, ADHD, stress and more, which are all on the increase. A different thinking is required. Drugs are still the main intervention being prescribed instead of common sense, nutritional and lifestyle changes. A sad and unnecessary state of affairs.

Health Statistics:

In 2009, for the first time in human history, it was recorded that more than half of the world’s population now resides in urban cities.

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2012, around 15 million, (70% of Australia’s population) live in cities. This is an increase of 1.4 million, 10.2% in five years, whilst the rest of the country had an increase of 6.8%.

Figures from 2011–2012 show that 14.8% or 3.3 million Australians suffer from arthritis (joint inflammation), with a higher prevalence for women and an equal distribution of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Mental and behavioral condition accounts for 13.6% (3 mill)

Asthma: 10.2% (2.3 mill)

Heart disease: 4.7% (1 mill)

According to WHO and research published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, insufficient physical activity is the fourth leading cause of death in the western world and parks, recreation and play is seen as a positive investment to prevent hypertension and high blood pressure.

The Millenium EcoSystem Assessment found that 60% of the ecosystem services are being degraded or used unsustainably, including fresh water, fisheries, air and water purification.

Rather than waiting for some Health Authority to address these issues, isn’t it better to take responsibility for one’s own health. The ways and means on how to do this is clearly outlined in the book ‘New Lease of life’.

Before going to the smart and effective solution on prevention and reversal of lifestyle disease, one fact needs to be mentioned:

Th incidence of ‘prescription death’ or iatrogenesis, which is the inadvertent and preventable induction of disease or complication by medical treatment or procedure of a physician or surgeon.

According to PharmaDeathClock.com, more deaths are caused by prescription drugs than all the illegal drugs on the market combined. These are the numbers from a new study by the Center for disease control and prevention (CDC.) It is sad to see that young people are offered amphetamines like Adderall and tranquillizers like Xanax instead of helping these youngsters to cope in a stressful society. Heavy advertisement on how safe, beneficial and popular these drugs are, must take some of the blame of this unhealthy development.

But the GOOD news is that lifestyle diseases are preventable and in most cases can be reversed.

Before I lead you into the health and healing landscape for you to regain your vitality, let us remind ourselves of the wise words from Albert Einstein:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

You have heard me quote Benjamin Franklin, a printer by trade, an inventor and scientist by fame and a man of action by all accounts, as saying:

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Or, as The Bible says:

Diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in forced labor. (Proverbs 12:24, NIV)

10 Steps Towards Health and Wellness

Health: The Greatest of Human Blessings

Step 1: Spiritual Wellbeing

Slipping and sliding and gliding towards a life of imbalance, which disease is really all about, will sooner or later result in manifested illness. Hopefully you are not there, and trust me, it is not a very happy place to be. I know. I have tasted that harsh reality.

So today I will teach you ten steps towards health and wellness and how it applies to your wholeness. See how much that last word resembles “holiness”? Linguistically there is a close relation. I have seen a deep longing in man’s lives, a desire deeply ingrained in the heart, of coming to terms with the wholeness of life and its meaning.

“Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time, he has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people can not see the whole scope of God’s work from the beginning to end” — Ecclesiastes 3:11.

So if you have not made that connection, you can make it today and add the most important aspect of love, life and living abundantly — spirit, soul and body.

Step 2: Food and Water

Did you know that water is the most important nutrient for the human body? And I am not talking about the municipal, dead and devoid of energy kind of water. This water is full of contaminants, heavy metals which accumulate in the body, dangerous chlorine by-products, fluoride, remnants of medicine including hormone-mimicking substances and several microbes — all unhealthy.

I am talking about the natural, right kind of water that is clean, full of energy and delivers hydrogen and oxygen to your body restores, re-hydrates and rejuvenates most efficiently. Scientifically documented. All you need is a Norwegian Frequency Resonance water generator on the cold water pipe.

Choosing to eat more vegetables, preferably organic, provides your body with a whole range of vital and essential vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, fibers and anti-oxidants galore. Keep a bowl of fresh and ready cut vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds at hand. This way it is easy for the kids to avoid reaching for the sweet box or soda. No need to have sugary drinks in the house when you have vital water in the house. The kids revel about their new and healthy water and call it Champion Water!

There are many scientific studies to support that all these ingredients are very health beneficial as they support and strengthen the immune-system, balances the gut ecology, lower high blood pressure and reduces body weight and prevent diabetes type 2

Step 3: Exercise and Activity

You have probably heard the expression: Use it or loose it. In my dearly beloved Yorkshire, also called God’s own county, the locals said: You don’t get ow’t for now’t. Take a muscle, for example. If you don’t do weight bearing or resistance exercises, your muscles will atrophy, waste away.

Same with your bones: Gravity will exert pressure on the bone building cells in your bones, the osteoblasts, which are called into action to produce new bones cells. So exercise is also a preventative measurement against osteoporosis. Do not be deceived by doctor’s and health authorities who still dish out wrong health advice about drinking more milk and take calcium supplements. The late Dr. John R Lee proved that conclusively: Out of one hundred patients with osteoporosis, many who had experienced fractures and on synthetic hormones (not a bright idea!), one hundred were completely reversed, cured and documented by BMD (Bone Mineral Density), published in two of the world’s most prestigious medical journals. (Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine).

How? He followed the prescription of lifestyle changes and supplements together with transdermal progesterone cream, which I recommend. You can read more here:


If the “door sill mile” seem difficult to overcome, try to incorporate a little natural activity in your daily routine: Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the shop, cycle to work, park your car a short walking distance from work, and enjoy a morning stroll, taking in the scenery, feel the freshness of the wind, hear the birds singing, a nod and a smiling to a passer by: Great day today! Just start somewhere. The more you do, the easier it becomes.

Mindfulness — “Health and cheerfulness beget one another.” — Joseph Addison.

Step 4: Sleep

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. — Benjamin Franklin

We can all agree that a good night sleep is rejuvenating and restorative for the wholeness of you.

At night, a short fasting period, where your macrophages gobble up waste and work at the removal of this waster, you can blissfully rest and dream. Dalai Lama said that “sleep is the best meditation”. Just make sure that you avoid these sleep disturbing actions:

Do not sit in front of TV or PC just before going to bed.

Wind down.

Play some music, but don’t eat or exercise prior to going to bed. This will disturb the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for inducing natural sleep pattern.

Providing you have got a good night sleep, you should feel energized and ready to go, enjoying the day at hand with eager anticipation. If you are as lucky and fortunate as me and pedal away to work, letting the salt smell of the steel blue fjord agitate my olfactory cells which are connected to the limbic and hippocampus area of the brain, associations, memories and intellectual activities are all working in heightened harmony! I sing and pray. On my racing bike!

Step 5: Relax

Don’t worry. In a world were many people seem to be trapped by a “time-pincher” as we call it in Norway, it has become abundantly clear to me, and I advise this to my patients: Take a time-out. Find a quiet spot. Be still and elicit a relaxation response after you have taken a few deep breaths, letting your shoulders go. Close your eyes. Pray. Meditate. You may like to check out Dr. Buteyko’s method of breathing.

William Shakespeare expressed it in this way;

“Our bodies are our gardens — our wills are our gardeners.”

Step 6: Detoxification

In a world of ever increasing pollution and toxins in our drinking water, air we breathe and all the unnatural and health damaging food preservatives and additives, it has become a necessity to aid the body’s natural detoxifying capacity. Most efficiently you can achieve this through restructured, alkaline water which are now loaded with oxygen, hydrogen and free negative ions which all work towards detoxing your body. Most contaminants are positively charged and thus the negative ions are drawn to the positive particles, neutralizing and removing them. Building up the carbonate buffering system also works to complement this process.

Combine the restructured water with bentonite clay or zeolite and you are on to a winner!

Step 7: Relationships

You have heard the expression:”No man is an island”.

We are all social creatures! This part of our nature needs to be nurtured and cultivated.

If you are off-kilter one day, call a good friend, meet up and talk. Pent-up emotions, resentment, anger, worries or worst of all bitterness, may require an experienced therapist to guide you.

Remember that the “i” in illness is isolation and the crucial letters in wellness are “we”.

Step 8: Education

Educate yourself on health advice that works and what does not. In the myriad of health and lifestyle recommendation, you can easily be conceived and confused. Just recently, a few days ago the Norwegian Health Authorities, aided by the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, announced actions to reduce sugar consumption in the population. All well and good, but horror struck when the same health authorities embraced the light version of diet soda, Cola zero and Pepsi Max, where most of the sugar is replaced by highly toxic ingredients like: Aspartam, sucralose, and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), from GMO corn crops. All dangerous, toxic and deadly. Excitotoxins, “the taste that kills” by Dr. R Blaylock explains this in detail. The sugar industry has once again shown that they don’t care a tuppence about the health of the people. And gullible politicians keep nodding to the brainwashing propaganda from the industry.

Step 9: Indoor Air

Dr. E. R Holiday once said:

“Negative ions are the Vitamins in the air”.

We all know that air pollution is a big problem world wide not only for those with allergy and asthma, but for all of us, as it is a constant onslaught on our bodys’ defence system. 40% of all asthma and 30% of all respiratory diseases are linked to air pollution. Measurements show that the indoor air is four times worse than outdoors, sometimes 100 times worse.

What can we do about this sad state of affairs? Install an air ionization apparatus. Solid science, well documented with thousand of happy testimonials. Negative ions will help your body to carry more oxygen into your body. After just 10–15 mins of breathing negative ionized air, your oxygen transporting cells, the red corpuscles, regain their rounded congruent form and gain a total larger surface area for oxygen. The negative ions act like anti-oxidant and reduce the scavanging effect of free radicals which cause irritation, inflammation and cellular breakdown. Sleep and depression is improved. Energy increases, prevents migraines and headaches, promote faster healing after burns. Improve ADHD and autism. Improves learning and memory and increase wellness.

10. A happy, healthy, creative and long life is certainly achievable as long as you “don’t drive through on red light”, ignoring the health robbing dangers we are surrounded by and by our own choices. The obvious is :Drugs, smoking, alcohol, chemicals in water, air, food and medicine. Death by doctoring is number 3 or 4 on the health danger list. Health comes from the farm — not the pharmacy. Practice fasting the proper way is a very powerful tool to enhance your physical and emotional detoxification on a regular basis.

Health comes from the farm — not the pharmacy.

Love thy neighbor as thyself. — The Bible / Mark 12:31.

Be kind to yourself and others.

Kindness is the language we all understand. Even the blind can see it and the deaf hear it. — Mother Theresa.

Therapeutically Yours,

Gunnar V Espedal

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