Nikola Tesla. the famous and eccentric inventor, is quoted as saying:

If you want to find the secret to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations.

The energy of the mind is the essence of life. Knowing yourself is the beginning to all wisdom, said Aristoteles. The ancient philosopher Thales of Miletus was once asked what was the most difficult to know he answered: Thyself

Energy flow has often been viewed as something esoteric and meta-physical, regularly supressed by main stream science. Energy medicine is both ancient and futuristic concepts. It is time to bridge the gap and understand that science theories are just theories, which tend to fit intellectual fashions of our times (Isaac Asimov).

Our bodies are created with self-healing and regulatory mechanisms, always striving towards balance and homeostasis, through the use of energy flow. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, called this ‘physis’ (hence the word physician). Paracelsus called it ‘archeus’, Albert Sczent-Gyorgy, the father of modern bio-chemistry called it ‘syntropy’ (the drive in the matter to perfect itself), the Chinese called it ‘chi’. The yogis, ‘prana’, whilst naturopaths and homeopaths prefer to call it ‘vital force’, healing power of nature (vis medicatrix naturae.)

Thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, music, sound and vibrations are electo-magnetic energy patterns rhythmically expanding and contracting in a photonic energy field. Either on a positive and a health enhancing note or on a negative and health destructive way.

Negative emotions, if left unattended for longer period will stress your body to produce more cortisols and HRV (Heart Rate Variability), electrodermal skin testing ad modem Dr.R. Voll (EAV-testing), kinesiology testing, pulse and cranio-sacral testing etc are all documented and empirical evidence that emotional status can be measured and mapped. In this way it is possible to clarify and assess the overall clinical picture.

Sometimes I explain the energy flow and the measuring of this “invincible energy” with this metaphor:

When the meteorologist tries to deliver an accurate prediction for the weather forecast, high and low pressure and wind are measured. If these measurements are ignored, poor results will ensue. Relying only on visible elements will deliver a very poor forecast.

With homeopathy: Avogadro’s number (the number of atoms or molecules in one mole of a substance, equal to 6.023 × 1023.), when no molecules of the original substance can be seen at 24 dilutions of 1:10. Here, the critics say, it can’t work because they can’t see it. But the energy imprint is still there and in further dilutions will be exhibit a stronger energetic imprint. (Professor Rustum Roy,Nobel Prize winner Luc Montaigner, Dr. J. Beneviste and many more.)

Maybe left brain thinkers should pay more attention to the old saying that “there is more than meets the eye”. And clinical experience will always triumph, as in the proverb “the proof is in the pudding”.

Albert Einstein and Leopold Infield , his colleague said: Even though the electromagnetic field is invisible, it is, for the modern physicist, as real as the chair he sits in. Time and time I experience that serendipity favours the prepared mind.

As I try to find new and creative ways to illustrate difficult subjects two sceptics were convinced when action spoke louder than words:

Two left brain thinkers, scientists both of them came to my clinic to see if I could do anything for Borrelia infections which had badly affected them. Medical treatment had not worked at all. They were sick and tired. Energy medicine to the rescue! Two treatments of Rife technology cured them and brought them “back to life”, documented by new blood tests. The proof is in the pudding.

In all holistically applied medicine, stress management becomes important:

Exercise. Walks in nature and bare-feet whenever possible to recharge your body with negative ions from the earth. By the seaside, in the woods or near waterfalls where there is abundance of negative ions.

Practice deep breathing through your nose to activate the iron/magnetite substances of cells in the nose and olfactory cells so as to enrich the air with electro-magnetic properties to increase blood circulation and oxygen deliverance.

Restorative sleep. Raising your bed at the head end is a very good piece of advice, IBT, inclined bed therapy is cheap and effective for a lot of disorders and for general health and well being.

Meditation, praying, singing. Relaxation.

Eat well — nourishing and clean food in a happy and tranquil atmosphere. Vitamin D and fermented food.

But the first and the last thing you should implement in your new found electro-magnetic enhancing lifestyle is structured, clean, vital water with plenty of oxygen and hydrogen.

Welcome to The New Lease of Life. The Way forward.

Help me, singing light of the day,

to find the word, the creating word,

help me, night’s embracing shade

life’s depth to fathom, its mystic code.

Help me, you loving human eyes

to mount on souls to souls abode.

Sigbjørn Obstfelder (1866–1900) Norwegian author from Stavanger.

Therapeutically Yours

Gunnar Espedal

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