The Curative Powers of Water — Part 1

Over the centuries man has wrestled to unravel the mysteries of water. It is clearly the most magnificent element in life, and not just two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen, as most assume.

The father of modern bio-chemistry, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (Nobel Prize Winner) said that:

“Water with its electromagnetic field, is the mother and matrix of all life.”

Kahlil Gibran, Lebanon’s beloved author and mystic wrote:

“In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all oceans, in one aspect of you are found all aspects of life’s existence.”

An artist and a scientist expressing a holistic view from a different angle. Many other researchers have found that exploring the unknown, an artistic angle may free up the creative potential from within, and we are currently seeing a merging of spirit and science for the better and humanity.

Intuitively these two great thinkers understood and described the universe as a holographic reality…

“As above, so below”.

The same Solfeggio frequencies are reproduced in every strand of DNA and also in every grain of sand or dust. From simplicity, divine fractals multiplied and magnified reveal the same repeating pattern.

Many fundamental mysteries have been solved and revealed from research done into bio-physics, electro medicine, structured water science, sacred geometry, cymatics, crystal energy and standing wave theory. This has opened up roads to new discoveries around water and its structure and function, and associated inventions.

But we should not deceive ourselves into believing that we have solved the mysteries and explained the anomalies of the water. Far from it. We have barely dipped our toes into the vast oceans of knowledge and wisdom in this matter. The search for the meaning of life and its code goes on.

A Norwegian author, Sigbjørn Obstfelder (1866–1900) from my hometown Stavanger put it succinctly in this poem:

Help me, singing light of the day,
to find the word, the creating word,
help me, night’s embracing shade
life’s depth to fathom, its mystic code
Help me, you loving human eyes
to mount on souls to soul’s abode.

As I sat reminiscing by one of Norway’s most well known fjords, the mystic Lysefjorden with the famous Pulpit Rock, I was transported back in time to the fifties. In the hilly slopes of Eidane, our father revealed to us kids an exhilarating new discovery as he brushed aside the heather hiding the secret: A gushing water well, of fresh mountain water spring. Eyes wide open we asked where the water came from, bubbling up from somewhere…

“Deep, deep inside the earth, my son, from the earth’s cathedral” our father declared in a solemn voice. From an aquifer no less!

Two dumbfounded boys from the town, drank the deliciously fresh, pure and structured water and were miraculously rehydrated and re-energized after a long and physically hard day of work on the steep hills of our childhood’s Eldorado.

This became my first enlightened encounter with the mystery of water and sixty years later H2OPE, in its grand an unadulterated form still excites me and has been a cornerstone in my quest to find the best possible holistic health solutions for my patients in almost fifty years of clinical practice.

It may have been an ordinary day for the folks working on the farm that day, but for me it was a significant day, an event that triggered me to write “New Lease of Life” and invent a unique water generator, which was going to help thousands of people, animal and plant life around the world.

It is strange to think that the great French romantic writer Victor Hugo experienced the same landscape (and it does affect us all, albeit differently) in 1866, when he wrote:

“Nowhere are these frightful and overwhelmingly compound forces more evident than in this strange fjord (Lysefjorden). This is the most fearful and most dreadful fjord arm that exists. Nor is there anywhere else where the secret interplay between elements more complete. Here, in the middle of this great wasteland, enters a gloomy street. A no- man’s land. Where is the wind? Not in the sky. The wind is in the sea, the thunder is in the mountains, not in the sky. Sometimes the water is shaken as if there is an underground earthquake. Sometimes thunder can be heard without a cloud in the sky. All of a sudden a luminous ray shoots from the mountain walls and retracts like a boomerang, then shoots out again. One mountain attacks another. Bombardments in the walls of the mountains. It is the hate between the cliffs abyss striking yet again” (Toilers of the Sea).

Maybe the great writer was dehydrated and depressed? The death by drowning of his daughter Leopoldine Koreles and her husband in 1843 and his own exile in Guerncey and later Jersey for nineteen years, may have accounted for his gloomy outlook on life.

Energy medicine to the rescue! Restructured water does rehydrate much faster and more effectively than any other kind of water or fluid, and will restore cellular activity and DNA regeneration. Plus, Bach flower remedies, which of course is another type of energy medicine.

The curative powers of water are not only for the soul, but also for bodily ailments.

The mythology of the fountain of external youth as water’s most potent power of regeneration, is also connected to countering specific maladies. According to the practical wisdom of Atharva Veda, water has healing powers that drive away diseases and also has creative capacity. Holy wells and springs embody water’s divine life-giving and life preserving qualities. The human eye is also metaphorically associated with water. This is beautifully described in Henry Thoreau’s book ‘Walden’. In his description of lakes as a landscape’s most wonderful and expressive feature:

” A lake is the earth’s eye, looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature. The trees by the lakeside are its eyelashes, the wooded hills the brows. In freezing winter, it closes its eyelids to become dormant for three months or more”

The River Thames and the Healing Water.

Eye disease (ocular ailments) and its connection with water led Peter Ackroyd to prescribe the River Thames, along with the 26 healing springs found in the vicinity, which resulted in the practice of healing for the eyes being viewed more credibly.

Glaucoma is popularly known as “water of the eyes”. The disease is caused by increased pressure within the eyeball as a result of blockage of fluid. The word shares its etymological roots with Glaucus, one of the Greek sea-gods. “Glaucus” means bluish-green, the color of the sea. The tradition of eye-healing goes back to the time of Augustine’s miracles near the river at Crickload, where he enabled the blind to see, as well as the ophthalmological marvels attributed to the 7th century princess Frideswide at the well at Binsey, near Oxford. This was the well that was transformed in Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland. “Treacle well”, an old term derived from Latin thermic, meaning medicine or antidote to poison.

Is it not interesting that the London Eye, situated next to the River Thames, is the world’s most visited tourist attraction, in the context of eye healing and the 26 healing springs found in the vicinity?

Many natural healing waters exist today and Lourdes being the most famous.

Professor Esther Stenberg, USA claims that 30–90 % of the effects seen at Lourdes is attributed to faith and confidence in the water and its holistic environment. Compassion. Altruistic love, the opening of the heart, smile. Empathy will relieve the body of stress and open the body’s self healing capacity, through the body, heart and mind connections. Health supporting hormones and enzyme systems are stimulated and balanced. An overall wellness feeling will ensue as a result of all these factors.

But with the new research done by Professor Luc Montagner (Nobel Prize Winner), Dr. M. Emotu, and Dr. J. Beneviste there maybe other explanations at work here. Structured, hexagonal water can easily carry energy imprints documented in various tests (fast freezing, Hagalis test, GDV, gas discharge visualization). Structured water can carry and transfer energy waves and imprints as a “memory”. This fact has led many to ridicule and dismiss this scientific work as nonsense with critics and scorn at every corner. But the work of Prof Ling and Pollack, and many others, shows that this field is advancing in the new knowledge of structured water.

Therapeutically Yours,

Gunnar Espedal

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