0. Problem Statement & Data

Once every few days, Starbucks sends out an offer to users of their rewards mobile app. Various offers are ranging from informational offer over actual discount to buy one get one free offer (BOGO). Though, some of Starbuck’s users are likely to not receive any offers at all or only a selection of specific offers.
Starbucks ‘ main goal is to increase user engagement with their stores resulting in increased frequency of transactions and therefore increased profit per user. It is critical to know what kind of offers, user behavior, as well as demographic user characteristics influence transactions and a user’s…

Google Analytics is a digital analytics service offered by Google that allows website owners to track and analyse their users’ behaviour. Whereas the free version comes with limited features, the paid version, namely Google Analytics 360, can be linked to Google BigQuery to access granular clickstream data utilising SQL.

Google open-sourced real-world data from its own Google Merchandise Store. This allows us to query data in a customised format from BigQuery and conduct individual analyses based on a typical ecommerce tracking dataset including:

  • Traffic source data: information about where website users came across the store. …

Gunnar Griese

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