The 10 points of Observation

So the election two years of insanity is coming close to completing the cycle.

Regardless of who wins many things have become clear to me.

  1. The age of the political ruling class is over regardless of who wins the election.
  2. It is clearly time for term limits on both Congress and the Senate of 8 years. e.g. They will have to have another (real) career as well.
  3. Absolute power corrupts absolutely; we’ve seen it at all levels of government in this election but nowhere is it worse than national government officials.
  4. There is a lack of integrity and morality in both campaigns. For my taste one is worse than the other.
  5. A president does not have to be part of a political party in order to be a visionary and leader whose platform is aligned to the constitution and what people want.
  6. The bodies that are supposed to be independent like the FBI and Federal Reserve no longer appear to act independent of government.
  7. There appear to be two sets of laws; one that applies to all of us, and one that appears to exempt them.
  8. The major issues of our time have barely been debated such as Climate Change, Longevity, the Pension Gap, the National Debt and Healthcare, nor has policy been proposed with objectives and goals that would drive an outcome in these important areas.
  9. Plato’s observation has come true, “He who cares not about politics will be governed by inferiors”, yet the incentive for even a very successful normal person to participate is diminimus.
  10. We need clear objectives and a vision to drive the next 20 years. Something like “We choose to go to the moon”