Blog #003- “We are More Often Frightened Than Hurt”- Seneca

“We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.” -Seneca

This powerful quote is from Seneca, Roman stoic philosopher, and probably the most spot on thought/quotation in which we can use to describe modern day America.

As we grow up and live our lives we find that there are many “issues” that we can fight against, complain about, or even look to solve. We are often caught up in the opinions of others, the opinion that we tell ourselves, and the opinions we see influencers spewing online.

I feel that the problems we face is on a much smaller level. It is “the battle within.” Also known as over coming failure and getting better.

Questions we should consider….

  • Am I spending time getting better at my craft?
  • Am I taking my emotions and feelings out of this decision?
  • Am I taking the focus off of myself?

A problem everyone experiences is the fact that we take too much pride and put too much emphasis on our emotions and feelings.

We care too much if we are tired, hungry, or if someone is upset about a circumstance we have no control over. Take the emphasis off of YOU and put it towards a mission. I do not care who the President of the United States is… The reality is that you are only here on this beautiful planet for a set number of years. Be #relentless & enjoy the #pursuit.

My ask of you is.. take the focus off of you. Live the life you want and know there is not a single thing that is holding you back. If you feel like you are stuck, begin with your mindset, don’t let your hurt feelings affect others. Bring them up!


Gunner DeFlorian