assignment number two.

do something fun

Growing up, my family had board game nights fairly often. Balderdash, a game where players try to bluff other players with fake definitions of exotic words, was one of my favorites. When given this assignment, I immediately thought of the game. I was able to obtain it over the weekend and played with my roommates on Saturday night. Yes, we’re nerds.

Jordan, Andrew, Sam, and I enjoyed the game as well as some pizza. Notable words included “nitsqueeger” (a hairdresser), “bayocks” (second-rate ostrich feathers), “fike” (to fidget), and “zibeb” (a small raisin).

mind map

my mind map

I tried to put a lot of time into my mind map, because I wanted to make some good connections that wouldn’t necessarily be made by everyone. That being said, I wish I had a three-dimensional space in which to make a “web,” which I think would lead to better connections. Perhaps I’ll have to wait for augmented or virtual reality for that to be realistic!

mind map (digitization)

my digitized mind map

Digitizing the mind map was a bit of a laborious process, but it was interesting to see my paper tangle translated onto a screen. Copying the map down actually made me think of some more connections!

suggested themes

First sub-theme: Digital Health Tracking. With technology advancing so quickly, its role has expanded into many areas of life, including health. On my iPhone alone, without any auxiliary devices, I can track sleep, step counts, mindfulness, and more. Devices like a FitBit can augment a smartphone and provide different and more accurate metrics. I think it’s a fantastic area to explore; smartphones are increasingly ubiquitious, and they have a huge potential to help people live healthier lives. Additionally, it fits nicely within product design.

Second sub-theme: Dementia. Dementia sucks. It’s not a specific disease, but encompasses conditions like memory loss and Alzheimer’s. My grandfather is battling it right now (specifically Alzheimer’s), and it seems like a terrible condition do go through, not just at the end of one’s life, but at any age. I realize that research done by professionals makes up most of the progress towards reducing the effects of dementia, but it’s certainly worth exploring.

Third sub-theme: Parenting. I don’t plan on becoming a parent any time soon, but the process of parenting fascinates me. Raising a tiny human to adulthood is a monumental task, one that not everyone is up to. Exploring ways to make parenting easier or designing products that facilitate it are a worthy endeavor; if parenting can be improved, the effects ripple through virtually every aspect of our future society.

ten silly ideas


talking bandaid


farting air freshener/filter


water gun alarm clock


catapult pill dispenser


step-count-yelling shoes


medicine piñata


shaming sink


cake conversion watch


jolt (shocks you if you run too slowly)


LED technicolor braces

timeline (moved from the top upon publishing):

  • tuesday 9/20: post this timeline and outline
  • wednesday 9/21: do something fun (perhaps improv games or a creative board game with my roommates)
  • thursday 9/22: hour+ of mind mapping, narrow down themes afterwards; if time, digitize map
  • friday 9/23: begin thinking of silly ideas
  • saturday 9/24 and beyond: sketch ideas