How did I bring 400 single readers in less than 24 hours from Reddit ?

Yes, I did it. I won’t show any screenshots of my Analytics account but I managed to bring four hundred single readers on my video games related blog due to one single article I posted on Reddit. This article will explain how I did this so you might be able to replicate the operation within your own niche.

Let’s start with the basics. I promoted my blog post on Reddit. If you don’t know about it, that’s basically a discussion website based on content rating. It’s like a big forum with a lot of sub-forum (we call them subreddit) in it, each dedicated to a specific subject. Tell yourself that there is a sub-reddit for everything : Technology, motorcycles, woodworking, a lot of pornographic stuff. There even used to be a child porn subreddit but it god banned (Obviously…). There is as much different subreddits than different users. So, onto the next thing.

As you may or may not know, I’ve got a Chromebook. It’s a cheap and lightweight laptop which can’t run any applications or games because of the proprietary operation system installed. Nonetheless, there’s still an active community which find ways to play on these deviced and I am one of them. I learned that a specific website developed a way to play indie games through your web browser. My Chromebook has a web-browser, and this website makes games playable through my web-browser so I can play games on my Chromebook, right ? Yes I can.

The thing is, there was no list of which games were compatible and no one wanted to go through the 240 pages and look for compatible games… So I decided to to this and make the list myself. After one hour of tedious work, I made a pretty table with all of the games’s names I could play on my Chromebook.

Then I published this list on my blog and linked to it on the specific chromebook related subreddit. The results were outstanding. I managed to get my post on the front page of the said subreddit (which means a lot of users certified the usefulness of my post) and since this is a community of dedicated users, they came massively to my website. I had over 400 single readers from all around the world coming and checking on the list I just made. People praised my work on Reddit and readers kept coming for 72 hours before my post got replaced by newers submissions.

What I learned is there’s always something your people are looking for that you can bring to them. If you feel like you’re a specialist among your niche, you can create content that no one ever did. It’s not easy, it’s not something you can make every day, but in the end you can win big and establish yourself as a true content creator.

Look for opportunities.

Originally published at on January 11, 2017.

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