How I live: My 115 things
Stephen Cognetta

I moved from France to Berlin two and a half months ago and found myself in an even more minimalist life than you aha. I did not plan this at all but have seen myself forced to adopt that way of life because finding a permanent place to live in Berlin is ludicrously hard. I lived one and a half month in a youth hostel therefore I had to ship back some of the stuff I took with me in order to make my movings easier.

So far I hve something like 8 t shirts, 4 sweaters (2 warm, 2 lighter), three pants, one jean jeacket, 8 pairs of underwear, 8 pairs of socks, two beanies, one bandana and two pairs of shoes. Regarding clothing I’m thinking of giving away all of my graphic t shirts and buy some classic looking ones just to save me the hassle of thinking about what to wear in the morning.

Regarding electronics I have two laptops with their chargers, one external hard drive, a bunch of cables, my DSLR with its charger, pair of headphones, pair of earphones and that’s actually it.

I also have two towels and some cover bed sheets and my wallet obviously, oh and I just bought a longboard to move from point A to point B because bicycles here tends to get stolen and I don’t want to get my things stolen.

To move everything from one hostel to an other I have my dear bagpack from the Wu Tang Clan merchandise store bought by my ex girlfriend for my 20th birthday, a camera carrying case that goes into a decently sized luggage. And I have nothing else.

Now, since I did not plan this way of life there’s some things I would like to change in order to make my life a little bit more comfortable. As I said before, giving away my tee shirts and buying grey/white/black ones would be a good thing in my opinion. I’m also considering getting rid of one of my laptops and buying a new one since the older one is, well, old. I have a 1.5k€ desktop computer in France that I was thinking of bringing with me in Berlin but it appears that I will keep moving from places to places for a long time therefore a powerful laptop, easier to move around, instead of a powerful desktop computer with all of the peripherals that comes with it seems like a better choice.

I should probably write something about all of it actually. Thanks for the tip :O

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