User Research

In this week’s studio, we were working on user research. We learned about the meaning and function of user research, then observed the people around us to deeply understand how this works to understand users’ needs and design improvement based on our observation.


In the studio, after understanding the meaning of user research, we went out to the fountain to observe the behavior of people, and jot down details while doing it. I think the most helpful part through out whole experience if the sharing time after we were done observation. We shared our details and depicted the common points within the small group and argued on the final design challenge for a bit. Then, when hearing other groups share their result, I feel more confident about picking the practices out of my observation and how to achieve the demand for this task.

My Thought

It was really hard for me to even start observation in the sprint at the first place because I had a hard time understanding the meaning of practice in here. however, after a round of talking and sharing ideas, I finally understand how to extract practices from our notes on observation. The process of jotting down notes are generally easy compared to other elements. since I put down many data on my notebook, so I struggled to pick out the most interesting practice our of all I observed to analyze, especially when I have to pick three practices to write about on commuting. by reading the instruction again and again and comparing the details I wrote down, I picked the most significant information out of all 8 quantity pages notes. I really like this project since we get to find interesting social facts while individually observing the strangers on a specific topic, which I have never think about deeply before. In addition, I was used to thinking intuitively or always making an assumption which is not allowed in this project. that is a challenge for me for a while but by following the three-p process, I opened my insight and easily just jotting down my observation, not intuition.

demonstrate practice in a museum
hearing other people share their observation


This is a really interesting and helpful practice to get a touch on user research and human-centered design. I am planning to do informatic or CSE related career, and those required a good sensibility on user experience and how to improve my own product by observation. Through practicing in this experience, I taught myself to eliminate being influenced by other factors, and only focus on what I see with my eyes without bias and adding common knowledge in the note taking process. I will also be more careful about details when observing users experience with the products I designed because I realized my lack of pay attention on small things when talking with my group to sum up our notes. Besides, coming up with a design challenge will not be a problem in my case. for instance, I observed that people are not willing to sit on the bench, so my design challenge will be how to make the bench comfortable for passengers to sit on. Being familiar with the process of user research will make my work efficient and precise that will help boost my future works.