Working vs Living

Every. Single. Day.

Every Single Day.


Working a job, thats all I hear.

No one, and I mean no one, in my school seems to reach higher or change the 'standards'.

Im not saying that getting a job is the wrong thing to do... im just saying people dont seem to reach higher.

No one says, "Im going to start a business today" or "Im going to put in an extra 10 hours at practice"

.... people just work a job.

And yes, I know.... everyones financial situations are different.

I understand.

But the lack of dreams, hope, and aspirations scares me.

Heres a quick story,

So a couple weeks ago, I was sitting at lunch working on a website,

and I hear,

"Do you know how fuckin hard it is to get a job right out if college"

And then,

"Yeah I know, if you do good next year you can get a job straight out of college, hopefully for a big company"

And mind you, these were kids taking business classes.

And yeah, im happy, that this kid atleast had SOME goals... but all of them have the skills and time to reach higher.

But they don't.

And you, probably dont either.

So heres my challenge to you...

Do something every single day that inspires you to do more with you life.


Thank you for reading!

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