you might as well quit.

Photo by Brunel Johnson

Sounds good, right?

shits not working out, so you decide that the best solution to your problem is to stop and give up?

you’re probably right. (bet you didn’t see that coming)

see the thing is that sometimes it better to cut your losses and walk away,

start something new,



Now I’m not saying that you need quit whatever you’re doing and do something else.


I’m saying that its important to understand when its time to change your goals.

When its time to do something different. Not everyone is meant for everything, and sometimes we will fail. The important part is understanding how to come back up and win. And it won’t always be by doing the same exact thing. Most times it won’t. Most times you’re going to need to take a hard look at what you did that caused you to fail, and then realize how what you’re going to do, to succeed.

And yes,

youre going to have to quit.

But dont look at quitting as a bad thing.

If you gave something your honest effort, you tried you very best, and still came up short… then quit. Celebrate the end, and desire a better future. Look at what will come, instead of holding on to what never worked. Realize what your future has in store for you.


and only then,

will you truly succeed.

Success isn’t the idea of “not quitting”… its taking what you know and making something amazing out of it.

Just think about it…

if you can’t hit a ball, don’t play baseball,

if you can’t run, don’t do track,

if you cant cook, don’t become a chef,

if you cant write, dont become an author,

if you cant succeed, try something new.

But never, and I mean NEVER… hold on to whats hurting you.

You just won’t win.

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