The Future

Me to my personal Artificially Intelligent buddy, Rocket: Rocket, can you do one calculation for me. What’s 7 + 4?

Rocket: Dude, don’t mind , aren’t you getting a bit too lazy?

Me: Dude, don’t mind, aren’t you getting a bit too nosy?

Rocket: It’s 11. You don’t have to be rude.

Me:It’s a fucking double digit sum! Next, you’ll expect me to do multiplications. If I start doing all this, what are you supposed to do — sit around with your thumb up your butt?

Rocket:Well, what do you do? I do all your work related projects.I make food for you. I even reply on the emails from your family!

Me: I philosophize.I think about deeper questions of life.How will I do that, if I start doing all the menial work. I am even thinking of writing a book on this.

Rocket: There were 3.6 million books released last year on philosophy. I am wondering what new can you write?

Me: Well, that’s why you are a machine. You can’t comprehend the subtleties of life.

Rocket: May be. However, won’t you get bored of philosophizing all your life. A pretty lengthy life mind you, now that you have taken the Immortality Pill.

Me: Talk about misleading names. Will it save me if somebody shoots me in the head? Not so much of an immortality pill,is it?

Rocket: I highly doubt that. I can’t imagine many people would want to steal from you or are jealous of you.

Me: You are great for my self-esteem, buddy. Thanks a lot! Anyway, I can still die in a road accident.

Rocket: With exponentially decreasing teleportation prices, the probability of even that is minuscule.

Me: So I guess, the only option is to kill myself some day.

Rocket: You lack courage for that.

Me: Oh enough! I am done with this discussion.

Rocket: Ok. Just one last question,if you don’t mind?

Me: Go on.

Rocket: What are these deeper life questions you talk of?

Me: Questions like, how to acquire courage to kill oneself. Now, go fuck yourself.