docsApp product review — Made for India
sohel golwala

Classic case of “Good Idea but Bad Implementation”

Tried 2 services dermatology & weight management.. Both experiences very bad.. Support is equally bad (check attached photo). On chat response comes after 15–20 mins & that too is not relevant..Seems like support customer is not trained enough..Worst part is when response on chat takes 15 post on their facebook page is removed within minutes. My last post was deleted almost immediately & then I was barred from posting.

They talk so big like on the mission to make healthy india & all that..

I shared about this app to about 100 connects & I will have to share my experience with all with apology of course for wasting their time.

My suggestion is better to do you homework right before launching. If you are getting more traction then envisaged better tell customer that you are unable to service the request due go high influx.