When do you realise that you are suffering from depression?

I am a MBA graduate in Finance from Pune University.I am working in Financial company in Hyderabad.I am an investment banker in Hyderabad India.

This started with me in October 2014 with a simple headache.Since headache is very common I thought it could go away with medicine.
For couple of days my headache keep coming and going.Slowly slowly I started feeling some what uneasiness in my mood.One day I realised that my eyes are becoming short.It look like my both eyes are squizzing.
I kept on checking my eyes daily on mirror and feeling as if my both eyes are squizzing.My hearts started very fast.I wanted to tell someone but I felt how will I explain that my eyes are squizzing.I asked my friend whether she can see any difference in my eyes but she told it is normal.I went to local clinic and asked the doctor same thing but he told eyes are fixed and it is not possible that your eyes are squizzing.He laughed and told me that your eyes are normal.This keep going for around couple of weeks and most of the time I went to local clinic where doctor gave some medicine for pain.
After going though all these headache and anxiety around couple of weeks now I started feeling something in my head.I felt something is crawling in my head.It was feeling like my head is filled with some liquid inside.I started touching my skull and when I press it was soft like tennis ball filled with liquid.It was becoming very hard to understand very well.
Since we have never known about depression we thought it may some problem in my head and eyes.
I went to hospital for checkup and there I got fainted so I got hospitalised in Hospital.Many unusual things were happening and I was not able to sleep.Finally doctor decided to do MRI Scan for my brain to understand the problem if anything is happening in head.Doctors did every checkup and MRI Scan but everything was normal.Doctor told me that everything is normal but my condition was becoming worse and worse day by day.They released me from hospital after two days.I came to hospital but I was not feeling well so I went to another hospital.There doctor did again all blood test and checkup.They told everything looks fine from report.
I have not slept from last two days.Now I got another problem in my body.My stomach and heart started burning from inside.My heartbeat was very fast.I was afraid of sleeping now.My heart was burning as if there is some flames inside.
Finally we went to some other doctor in my hometown mumbai.I went one local doctor.She saw my face and told me to visit physiciatric immediatelly.Same day I visited to one physiciatric.He listened to me about 1 hour and told me you are depressed.He asked me why you I couldn’t come earlier.He counselled me and gave me some medicine so that I can sleep.I took medicine around 1 week and feeling very nice.Slowly slowly all my symptoms were reducing.

Every week I had to visit the doctor for counselling.Once I was feeling well after 4 weeks of medicine, he called me and explained me everything about depression.
He told me “if anytime you feel something crazy(which is not possible in reality) happening in your body then understand there is no problem in body it’s only in your mind.Never leave your sleep as sleep works like a medicine in case of depression.In your case, since you didnt come to doctor early stage it become serious.Day by day it became more thats why you got burning sensation in your heart.
There are different different symptoms for different patients in depression.There are no fixed symptops except anxiety,nervousness,mood spoiltness,fatigue,low energy etc..
In case of depression never be alone and keep your mind bussy.Keep on doing something or watch something.
Walking and excercise is the best medicine for depression.
The biggest negative thought comes in depression is sucidal thought.The patient always feels his life is worthless.”

Now I am totally fine.Depression is the biggest problem now a days.If any of you have this problem please don’t hesitate about this as it is totally curable.There is nothing to be shame about depression it is as normal as fever.
Please talk to your loved one’s if you see anybody have the symptoms of anxiety,nervousness,mood spoiltness,fatigue,low energy etc before it gets too late.

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