Do this, not that..

I come across a lot of people who want a perfect body, perfect figure. Who doesn’t want. But, everyone out there is missing one single common thing, discussed in this blog. :) :D

I never felt I have a perfect body when it comes to physical appearance. I realized that I have one when I came to college and few of my lovely friends made me realised that. One of my friend used to say “Dude!! You have a perfect body”. I was wondering that “isshh!! maine toh us nazariye se apne aap ko kabhi dekha nai” *blushingly. ^_^.. Mummy ne kabhi bataya nai :P.

You must be thinking, “How this content is related to the title?”. Ahhh. Just two minutes ;). Just take the feel. :P
Let me tell you one thing about me, *I EAT A LOT*. I agree with this fact. But but but, Guys……Hold on!!
If a person around me skips a meal, don’t eat properly, they don’t follow a particular routine, if he/she will say the same thing which I myself admit, trust me


I EAT A LOT* means:-
I eat Breakfast daily.
I eat lunch daily.
I take snacks in the evening daily.
I take dinner daily.

Whenever I visit the canteen, I prefer taking Fruit juice over Cold drinks. (if the person around me is not forcing).
If anyone is throwing a small treat in my college canteen, I would not go for fancy snacks, cold drinks, or some expensive items, I would ask for one plate boiled Egg and a fruit juice. ^_^
If I will go to some restaurant, I won’t take hookka or beer or drinks (as other friends of mine do that).

Reasons:- Why will I spend my money to get high( I don’t promote drinking). I will calculate in my mind about spending the same on fruits. ^_^. I know its weird.

If I ever skip a single meal, I eat 2 times the normal meal.
For example:- In our college mess, one meal costs Rs.25. Suppose, frustrated by my friend’s taunts :| on eating so much, one day I skipped my lunch. Now, my brain cells along with stomach’s cells gets activated. My mind is saying “You don’t have to eat anything, like your friend’s” :P. I will go to college canteen. I will order a maggie worth Rs.20 along with a juice worth Rs.30. Guess what? yeah!! Activated stomach’s cell. My stomach is still wanting more. My brain is saying “Take something for later time, what if you will get hungry after some time”. (awww so sweet, thanks for reminding me that ^_^.). Following my brain’s order, I will buy few more items from there and will bring to the room. 
Total cost on single lunch due to my friend’s taunts= Rs.25 + Rs.30 +Rs.50=Rs.105. :’(

This is only cost estimate. Except juice everything was unhealthy.
So, my Dear Friends,
Next time before saying, “Kitna khaati hai tu, fir bhi moti nai hoti” or “You have a great figure, tell me the tips”. 
I would ask to read this every single time. And will again throw same piece of advice.

So, never skip meals. I said “NEVER”.
Cutting back on meals means cutting back on opportunities to consume adequate amounts of the vitamins and minerals our bodies need in a day. Our body’s cells are hard-wired for survival. Going too long without eating will switch our body into “survival mode,” sending us on a quest for food.
People skip regularly, hoping that if they eat fewer meals, they’ll take in less total calories and lose weight more successfully.

Happy eating :).

Eat well. Be well. Taunt less :/ :|

DO THIS(never skip meal), NOT THAT(skip meal, and ask for tips)

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