NodeJS Question & Answers

Sanchit Gupta
Apr 30 · 2 min read

Questions covered in this series

Part 1

Q1. What is Node.js?

Q2. List down the major benefits of using Node.js?

Q3. How is NodeJS different from Javascript?

Q4. Why Node.js is single threaded?

Q5. How do Node.js works?

Part 2

Q1. Where Node.js can be used?

Q2. How many types of API functions are there in Node.js?

Q3. What is the difference between Asynchronous and Non-blocking?

Q4. What is package.json?

Q5. What do you understand by Event-driven programming?

Part 3

Q1. What is an Event loop in Node.js and how does it work?

Q2. Explain REPL in the context of Node.js.

Q3. List down the tasks which should be done asynchronously using the event loop?

Q4. List down the steps using which “Control Flow” controls the function calls in Node.js?

Q5. What is an error-first callback in Node.js?

Part 4

Q1. Explain the purpose of module.exports?

Q2. What do you understand by Reactor Pattern in Node.js?

Q3. What are LTS releases of Node.js?

Q4. What are the major security implementations within Node.js?

Q5. What do you understand by callback hell?

Part 5

Q1. What is libuv.

Q2. Explain the concept of middleware in NodeJS?

Q3. Explain the concept of URL module.

Q4. For Node.js, why Google uses V8 engine?

Q5. Explain the working of the control flow function.

Part 6

Q1. List down the two arguments that async.queue takes as input?

Q2. Differentiate between spawn() and fork() methods in Node.js?

Q3. What do you understand by global objects in Node.js?

Q4. Explain the concept of stub in Node.js.

Q5. How assert works in Node.js?

Part 7

Q1. What is the use of ExpressJS package?

Q2. Differentiate between process.nextTick() and setImmediate()?

Q3. Explain the usage of a buffer class in Node.js?

Q4. How does Node.js handle the child threads?

Q5. What are streams in Node.js?

Part 8

Q1. What are the various types of Streams in NodeJS?

Q2. What is the use of NODE_ENV.

Q3. Differentiate between readFile vs createReadStream in Node.js?

Q4. List down the various timing features of Node.js.

Q5. Explain the concept of Punycode in Node.js?

Part 9

Q1. Differentiate between Node.js vs Ajax?

Q2. Does Node.js provide any Debugger?

Q3. Describe the exit codes of Node.js.

Q4. What do you understand by an Event Emitter in Node.js?

Q5. Is cryptography supported in Node.js?

Part 10

Q1. Explain the reason as to why Express ‘app’ and ‘server’ must be kept separate.

Q2. What is the Zlib package in NodeJS?

Q3. What are Async Hooks in NodeJS?

Q4. What are Worker Threads in NodeJS?

Q5. How is Worker thread different from Child Process or cluster?

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