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Kill the passwords. All of them. Courtesy — Unsplash

I hate remembering them all.

I am taking on what maybe the “plague’’ of the 21st century mango-man. Remembering passwords. Building it with the number, (special) special characters, case-sensitivity, and unique to the last five used in this very service is like a baigan bharta without the recipe, I know I will get there, but I am not sure if I can get there again. And I need a new metaphorical baigan bharta for every service I use, or what’s the point of eating it at all.

The boom of Silicon Valley has given us the services such Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Reddit, gMail, Instagram amongst several others. We are expected to use these services simultaneously with unique passwords. OAuth & cookies solved this issue to a certain extent, but it was just a drop in the ocean. And to top it all, if you are a business owner, then, you have another set of social media profiles, Saas services, public accounts, amongst several others, which need to be changes every time there is any notable event in the virtual timeline of a company. …

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Chatbot is new buzzword these days and I remember Slackbot being the first one. 6 months ago, I created this limited functionality chatbot ‘Steve’ whose only purpose was to assist user in checking out. Standalone version of Steve lives here.

Here is what a generic online transaction process looks like:

Login -> Enter details -> Enter your shipping address -> Choose payment method -> Order placed

I have couple of issues with this process. With 2G,3G bandwidth dominating, filling long forms, average cart drop off rate of 40% (India), non serviceable pincode, no COD zones is a loss for consumer as well as business. Add boredom of lone shopping experience on top of it and I am half dead. …




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