3 Dimensions in Decision Making

Decision making is at the core of our mind. Usually, our day-to-day judgement strategy can be divided into 3 categories.

Intuitive Decision

These are the decisions our mind take unconsciously.In such scenarios, our minds processes a minuscule information to lead to the conclusion.Examples of these are:-

In which direction to rotate the key to open the lock?

Drawing a pattern to unlock the smartphone?

When the question become difficult, should I buy this startup, our intuitive mind tricks us. It gives answer to an easier and related question, do I like this startup?

Decisions in such situations need statistical analysis and skill that is slow and time taking.

Slow Decision

Decisions in this category requires skill and information processing to draw any conclusion. Sample problems of these are:-

Multiply 321*834 ?

In a chess game what should be next move?

Which strategy will maximise my business output?

But, sometimes neither of the above two approaches can solve the problematic question. Such questions become mysteries for life.

Unsolved Mysteries

Questions lying into this category are unsolvable on personal level. Our mind and surroundings have none proven data for such matters. Specimen of these are:-

What is the aim of life?

Does a superpower (GOD) exists in the world?