Fusion of Expectation with Reality

Two hours before sunset, wall clock was spinning in a nine-to-five work environment.My eyes was waiting for minute clock to surface the digit twelve. In parallel, mind was procrastinating for overnight journey with friends.

As the hour clock turned five, I ran for the railway station celebrating independence.

Delhi Railway station (Capital of India) entry, a long queue of passengers welcomed me to show patience. ‘Jaldi jane do hmara train chut jayega’ (Let us leave early for the train), was the mantra in air to win the people ahead of you.

Entering the premises, a Tv panel, attached by a rod with ceiling, was broadcasting news for “Clean India” on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti.First fusion, an old lady was peeing in open on the railway platform beneath the same.

Diverting from this, retina of my eyes scanned an electronic display board, showing the real-time train arrival and departure information.Second fusion, the only train number not depicting its platform departure information matched with my ticket.

Opening pores of my body for this bit of announcement from railway officials, my belly turned to a McDonald outlet to keep energy balance.‘Due to surging tomato prices we are not serving tomatoes in burger’, showcased a notice board besides the order counter.Third fusion, businesses are there for profits only showcasing public service in advertisements only.

Munching on burger, a rectangular Wifi board , attached to a pole, with Google impregnated on front face edged my curiosity.Besides this a Tv screen was showing step-by-step process to connect with Google Wifi.On the last step, connecting via smartphone, Google OTP service to verify mobile number was failing to send the messages.

Last fusion, even tech giant Google do in India as the Indians do.