Is she really my best friend ?

I am going to tell you a little about my story. I have a girl we called each other our best friend. In our college we talked about each and every small things of each other life. Things were going good, our bond were getting more stronger day by day than the time came and we have to leave the college. So we started working after college but at different cities.

Now we usually talk once in a month. We don’t even know about the problems of other’s life. She got some friends there and forget the one who’s with her. He wants to celebrate this new year with her for some reasons. He begged her to come. But her parents won’t allow her to come. Can’t she convince her parents ? What will you do if someone whom you call your best friend ask you to come and your parents won’t allow you ?

Is distance matters in a friendship ? Is she really my best friend ? or we are just pretend to be a best friend ? If your friend needs you someday than can’t someone make it for one day for him ?

It is easy to say best friends/BFFs but trust if you seriously this he/she is your best friend try him/her.

There are only 2 options either don’t expect from them or try to test them according to your need. It’s better to find a new friend than investing your life in bad one.