5 Biggest Mistakes done by People Managers

Here are few common and biggest mistakes People Managers do , which can be easily avoided-

  1. Not appraising the person on job well done — This is very important , you have to praise the person if the job assigned to him/her is completed as desired.
  2. Repeatedly appraising same person and neglecting others — This brings sense of insecurity to other people.
  3. Not sending good wishes email on occasions like Birthdays , Anniversaries etc. — Again this gives impression that you don’t care about the peoples’ emotions.
  4. Highlighting sometimes very small work of an employee — Gives insecurity as well as it highlights that you are partial.
  5. Disconnected with Team and talking to them only when they do something wrong! — A good manager is always easily approachable and connected with the team.

Impact — Company performance will go down and attrition will rise.