Bamboo — An Overview

Bamboo helps in automation, continuous integration, continuous deployment and release management process.

So how do we setup Bamboo?

Let’s first install Bamboo and set up our first build plan which takes just few minutes.

Here we’re using Bamboo installer to easily set up Bamboo onto our machine.

  • After the installation Bamboo server can be started.
  • We can then access Bamboo through the browser in localhost port 8085.
  • We get the Start-up Wizard when we open Bamboo for the first time.
  • We now have to paste our existing license or achieve a new one at in the general configuration page in order to activate Bamboo.
  • If you don’t wish to use it on localhost then we can spin a new machine and point the URL to it. All links created will be prefixed by this URL.
  • Now we need to configure the database, for this go to the Select Database option and then we can hook Bamboo to an external database of our choice, for example — PostgreSQL, MYSQL 5.x, etc. Bamboo also provides an embedded database for evaluations. This option can be changed at any time to work with our external database.
  • Now create your Admin Login by going to the Setup Administrator user page and then the installation is complete. You’re all setup now and now you can create your Plan.
  • You can add this to your Existing Project or Create a New One.
  • For the first time users or a new project we have to create a new plan and enter the details of your project as required in the plan details page including the unique key.

Here we can use various source tools like Git, BitBucket etc for managing the repositories. After the build strategy we configure the tasks. Build Strategy tells Bamboo when to trigger builds, Bamboo can pull or scan your stories for changes on specified time intervals. It also triggers build when changes are committed to your source code.

Now, you’ve setup your first plan!

After the plan is created we can run our builds. Here a task is an operation that runs sequentially within a job on a Bamboo working directory. There are various task types. A task can be selected from the Task Type menu and enable that plan by creating the same task type. Bamboo will now immediately start to build based on the plan we just created and as soon as it finishes the Plan Summary appears.

This is how we build our plans in Bamboo.