What to Do for Success in IIT JEE 2016?

The best part of preparing for the IIT-Joint Entrance Examination (Main) 2016 is the availability of online study material. One needs to take a degree of caution when searching for study material because there are so many fraudulent programs available in the web space. For finding the best study aids, it is advised to prefer legitimate websites to download IIT-JEE study material for Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. Those who are looking for free study material can easily find it as many websites offer what you seek. Apart from getting the right preparation material, students must keep in mind a few basic points, which are listed below.

Do Planning

For any average student, it takes 1 to 2 years to crack Joint Entrance Examination. As the preparation time is too long, that’s why proper planning plays a pivotal role. Students are advised to make a well-framed timetable this will keep you focused and help you achieve success in JEE.

Time Management

The main issue faced by most of JEE aspirants is the problem of time management. The time should be managed properly, and each subject should be given equal importance. Students have to focus on continuous practice and revision.

Stay Focused

Follow your plan strictly, and try to make a feasible plan where you invest 6 hours for preparation, 2 hours for syllabus not completed yet, 2 hours for revising the topics in a particular day and lastly 2 hours for practicing problems.

Practice More

While preparing for JEE 2016 you have to follow try & try approach until you succeed. Do not get frustrated before actually trying to prepare for the examination. Try to solve the maximum questions in a day, even after if you don’t find a solution, ask your teachers about it or discuss with your friends. Remember never leave a question in halfway, as half knowledge is always wrong.

Several Quick Tips for JEE Main 2016 Preparation

· Try to solve previous year question papers as much as possible

· Make a proper study schedule & strive to achieve that

· Revise the entire syllabus

· Set realistic goals

· Take the note of quick solution to problem, formulas & shortcuts

· Keep calm & stay fit

In the End

These points may help you with better preparation for JEE Main 2016. For the success in exam you need to do more and more practice, while keeping your motivation levels high because when you think you can do it, then you are already halfway there.

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