An Intro into Different Rummy Game Variations

The most successful games in the global gaming industry have been a part of evolution. The most modern games like GTA V and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has evolved and emerged as a part of the evolution. Common card games like rummy has been evolving from decades, there are many variants of the game that are popular in different parts of the world.

People love card games every since the time the game emerged. Some of the most popular card games have evolved and different variants of the game are played in different geographical locations. Some of the major online rummy game variants that are played are rummy 500, bing rummy, gin rummy etc.

How to Play Rummy 500

Rummy500 also known as Pinochle Rummy or Rum 500 is one of the most popular variant of card game which is played in different parts of the world. It is similar to the Indian Rummy and 13 cards are dealt to the players if there it is played between two players. The game is played between 2 to eight players with a single deck of cards. If there are more than five players, 2 decks of cards are used.

The main difference of Rummy500 as the name suggests is that the player who scores more than 500 points win the game. In Rummy500 the player needs to lay the cards in the table once melded into sets and sequences. The winner is the one who cannot has no cards left in his hand.

How to Play Bing Rummy

The Bing Rummy is another rummy variant which is played in some parts of the world. In this variant of rummy, 14 cards are dealt to each player. The bing rummy game is played between two to eight players. Two decks of cards are used to play the game and printed jokers are not used to play this variant of rummy. The difference between Bing rummy with the other rummy variants is that the players cannot meld the cards in the same turn when the card is drawn or picked from the discard section.

The winner of the game is the player who has melded all the 14 cards. The points of the cards of other players are calculated and if it is less than 76 points, he wins the game.

Gin Rummy

Gin rummy is yet another important rummy variant which is played between 2 players. Gin rummy is a simple card game in which the aim is to score 100 or more points. Aces are considered as low card in the game of Gin Rummy. The main difference in the game of Gin rummy is that you have the option of ‘knocking’. Knocking allows users to finish a game with the current melds in his hand. The un-melded cards are called deadwood cards and the rule is that the deadwood cards points should not exceed 10 points while knocking.

Apart from the above discussed rummy variants there are many other important rummy game variants which are played around the world. If you are rummy lover, it is always good to understand the evolution and different variants of rummy around the world.

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