No one tells you this about smoking

We all know the ill effects smoking has on the bodies of smokers but not this..

In most cases, these habits start in a young age, either in peer pressure or as a mode of enjoyment, higher social status or as presentation of power.

Most people don’t realise that smoking is not only injurious to your health ( it might sound cliché), but also cost you financially and socially.

We usually tend to ignore the other affects of this slow killer except the very well known physical depreciation.

Financially, smoking is not only a daily expense, but also leads to higher healthcare costs due to smoking related diseases. This means that you increase your monthly expenses because you spend on cigarettes daily, and so the amount of money which could have easily gone into your bank account is spent on something which results in more expenses from your end! You end up incurring more costs in medical and healthcare centres because of already known serious diseases caused by smoking.

Socially, it’s not just about YOUR money or YOUR health.

SHS or Secondhand smoke and THS or Thirdhand smoke affects everyone around you, be it a stranger, an acquaintance, your parents, your friends, your spouse or your children. It contains nicotine as well as carcinogens and toxins which has results equivalent to smoking, so it can certainly be regarded as involuntary smoking! People who have never smoked, but live with people who smoke are at an increased risk of tobacco related diseases, including lung cancer, heart disease and stroke. If you are wondering how, read on…

SHS contains more than 7,000 chemicals, hundreds are toxic and about 70 can cause cancer. A study revealed that exposure to SHS increases stroke risk by 20–30℅.

THS is the tobacco residue from cigarettes that lingers in a place after a smoker has left. This residue reacts with indoor pollutants and creates toxins which can cause cancer. Most of us might just hate that unpleasant smell without even realising how dangerous it can be!

Since THS can cling to walls, carpets, clothing, vehicles and even skin and hair, non smokers are at a high risk of tobacco related problems just with an inhale or a touch. THS can remain on a surface for up to 5 years, as it is clean resistant. It remains even after you try to ventilate the room with fresh air or use fans and ACs.

My only motive to elaborate on the effects of smoking on nonsmokers is to make readers understand the consequences their “choice” has…you eventually will have to be alone because this habit will either kill you or your loved ones. In case you still want to choose your beloved cigarette over your family, then congratulations, you are a very brave hearted person and this is one strong move which will take you closer to your goal — of spending that special “alone” time with your cigarette. Just you and your cigarette, not those weird people who used to disturb you…voila! they are not there, around you……or anywhere else in the world!

Was that too much? So this simple calculation might sound interesting — if you have your choices and if you choose a habit, very well known for its bad effects, then you should also respect other’s individuality and their choice, of not impacting their health with tobacco.

It’s high time to respect other’s health concerns, if not yours! And wake up to the ‘other’ losses that this habit has!

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